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Kaleidoscope Collection Bracelet by Gwendolyn

Dec 12, 2009
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I created a whole line I dubbed "Kaleidoscope" as per the multi-colored beads used.  It started with one piece and using up left over beads I had. Turned into a funky twist of designs for necklaces and bracelets - great raves from all who have seen them.  Now to photo edit and post to my etsy shop.  I am only doing a limited number of pieces and have yet to decide how to label them!?!?

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on Apr 6, 2010 7:15 PM

This is just darling... I have a set just like this and it goes with everything.  I love wearing mine with jeans, a colored tank top under a big white shirt... darling!

tammiewammie wrote
on Feb 4, 2011 3:52 AM

I LOVE color and this is a great way to use up all the extra beads. I'm going to try to make one myself. Thanks for sharing.