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Doodlebeads: Even-Count Peyote with Leslie Rogalski

Dec 10, 2009
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Joann@63 wrote
on Dec 31, 2009 12:13 PM

That was excellent showing how to do that even peyote stitch!  I am very hearing impaired, and although I look at the patterns in the books for beading, I still get confused.  The videa of Leslie's made it perfectly understandable to me.


Are Leslie's video's for sale, and how much are they?  I am a Canadian and would also need to know the delivery costs, as well.


The more I read and explore your Beading Daily the more I am enjoying it.  I would consider myself a beginner/intermediate.  I find going  to classes to learn a new stitch or project very difficulty for me, as trying to lip-read as well as left-handed (when all the instructors are right-handed - too much for my "little" brain!


I shall look at Leslie's other two video's, and would very much appreciate your comments.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Joann Boucher/