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Amazon Nights

Oct 3, 2007
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Designer: Marlene Blessing
Published: October 9, 2007
Technique: Stringing

This simple but elegant two-strand necklace by the editor of Beadwork magazine originated with artist Jana Roberts Benzon’s intricately patterned polymer clay beads. The leafy motifs in both the beads and the silver bail carry all the rich, green mystery of the Amazon. Olive metallic seed beads, potato pearls, black diamond crystal cubes, and sterling silver clasp with a peridot inlay complete the necklace.

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Foxfyr64 wrote
on Jun 17, 2009 10:01 AM
I'm always on the lookout for interesting shapes, textures and combinations thereof. The colours and size are person preference and vary with the wind, (or customer), but the illusion of depth and substance are beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. I truly enjoy the new challenges. Foxfyr1