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How to Make Brooches with Beads: 4 Free DIY Tutorials

Feb 18, 2015
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We’ve put together 4 of our favorite beaded brooch projects from the pages of Beadwork magazine for you to play with! 

Even if you’ve never made a beaded brooch before, you’ll love these great free beaded brooch projects. Dive into your stash of crystals, pearls, gemstones, and Czech fire polished beads and see what you can do with them. Whether you want to do bead stitching or simple wire jewelry making techniques, we’ve got a beaded brooch project that’s perfect for you. 

Just in case you’re coming up short on ideas for how to wear and show off your newly created beaded brooch, we’ve also included one of our favorite blogs from Beading Daily by Jean Campbell, who shows us all the different ways that we can use a beaded brooch to add something unexpected to our favorite outfits and accessories.

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