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Free Gift Tags for Beaders

Nov 4, 2014
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You've gone through a few crimp beads, found a few beads you forgot about, and maybe lost a few seed beads along the way, but that gift is finally done. There's just one more thing to take care of, wrapping up this special creation. Our team at Beading Daily decided to whip up the perfect thing to add to your package: fun and unique gift tags! Not just any gift tag, but one that shows off your handmade gift with a clever and heartwarming saying.

With gift tag choices such as, "Ho-ho-homemade for you!" you're sure to show the recipient how much you care.

Free to download, these exclusive gift tags are perfect for gift topping year round (including the holiday season). Be sure you download your own sheet of gift tags and enjoy all six fun, crafty gift tags today.

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rahcel wrote
on Nov 16, 2014 12:29 AM

I love it.  Thanks for the lovely tags.Rachel

h Lahav :)