A Step By Step Guide to Submitting Articles for Publication with Jean Campbell

May 9, 2013
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Watch and learn how to submit your favorite beaded pieces to Beadwork magazine! Jean Campbell, Senior Editor of Beadwork, talks you through preparing your pieces for submission, guidelines for submitting to Beadwork and what you can expect as the process moves forward if your piece is accepted. Good luck, and we hope to see your pieces soon!

To get familiar with Beadwork magazine and the types of projects they currently publish, make sure to check out the latest issue:http://bit.ly/ZS0h9h



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boldi wrote
on May 10, 2013 1:18 AM


Thank you a thousand times for this webinar! I am just an obscure beader, faaar away from submitting any project, but it was very instructive. I've learned how it feels to be a Pro. I read and appreciate the magazine and the daily posts, BUT listening to you both was a very different experience, made you more familiar, closer to us. I did not listen to your words, but absorbed them, like a sponge :).

For me it was a premiere. I had no idea there can be webinars, I even haven't heard the word "webinar" before. So, it was new, thrilling and useful.

What stoke me most was Jean's saying "I bead in my head". OMG, that's awesome!

I'd like to repeat this extraordinary experience.

Love you guys, keep on the good work and thank you sooo much for sharing lots of useful stuff with us!