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Oct 26, 2012
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This beaded bead project was created using shades of green, bronze, copper and gold. These colors were complimentary to the metallic, variegated size 15 seed beads used in the first bead for this contest. All the rest of the beads were then done to compliment the color palette of bead #1. The contest beads use Swarovski crystals and pearls, glass and metallic seed beads, as well as fire polish beads to complete the design patterns.
There are six #1 beads (each a different color combination within the palette) and one each of the remaining beads. Bead #3 was "stuffed" with one large and two small crystal rondel beads to hold it's shape, giving it a slightly elongated barrel shape. The large copper finding inspired the idea of a mobile. The entire piece was then united with an asymmetrical combination of vintage glass, semi-precious stone beads, crystals, and additional copper findings. The unlikely pairing shows off the beaded beads and provides a unique contrast between "bead weaving" and "stringing" for the finished piece.

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on Oct 26, 2012 5:38 PM

How wonderful to add in the filigree pieces in to this necklace. It looks beautiful!