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Learn How to Bead Crochet Jewelry: 4 Free Bead Crochet Patterns

Jul 9, 2012
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In bead crochet, the beads are strung on your yarn or fiber before starting to crochet. Bead crochet ropes are soft and supple, and can be used either on their own with some fancy cones or end caps or with your favorite handmade art glass and ceramic beads. Tapestry bead crochet results in a flat piece of crochet that has been studded with beads, and can be used to make cuff style bracelets, brooches, necklaces, pendants, or bags.

We've selected four of our favorite beading projects that use bead crochet to get you started with this wonderful beading technique!

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Whether you like to make long, undulating ropes of bead crochet or you prefer the technique of tapestry bead crochet, you’ll find something in our bead crochet eBook to get you crocheting with beads.


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ScottishSue wrote
on Aug 9, 2012 5:32 PM

Hello:   "Bead Crochet Swag Stitch" by Lydia Borin and "Swag Me Bracelet" were originally published in Beadwork, August / September 2001, page 49-51.  In the following month's issue, a correction was posted for the "Swag Me Bracelet."  That correction was NOT made in this reprint of the "Swag Me Bracelet" !!!!!  So....



"Swag Me Bracelet", page 8, of the e-book "Learn How to Bead Crochet Jewelry"

                                     Ignore the *'s in rounds 2 and 3.