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Tambour bead embroidery pearl and sequin necklace

Jun 27, 2012
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This tambour bead embroidered ribbon tie pearl and sequin necklace is a favorite of mine.  The different sized pearls and the sequins were tambour beaded at random onto a strip and then the fabric was rolled and stitched.  

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enelson5k wrote
on Jan 8, 2013 12:22 AM

This form of beadwork caught my interest more than fifteen years ago.  I still have the original needle/s - handle- instructions, etc. I was certain that it would be most advantageous, however,  I never had the time to learn the process for the gowns we were making. I love the examples you've posted and would very much like to know more about the process -  Thanks for sharing (and reminding me)..... hope you can help.