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Beaded Wedding Jewelry: Five Free Projects for Handmade Bridal Jewelry

Jun 20, 2012
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We've put together five beautiful beaded bridal jewelry projects for you to give you some inspiration for designing and making your own handmade beaded wedding jewelry.

  • Mix chain and rich-looking glass beads in Melinda Barta's Beauty and Grace, a beaded necklace that works for bridal party jewelry as well as mother of the bride jewelry!
  • Make a statement with Janie Warnick's Keishi Pearl Bracelet: it starts out as an easy band of peyote stitch and becomes a magnificent bridal accessory with the addition of a handful of freshwater pearls.
  • Crystal beads and pearl beads are wedding jewelry staples, and you'll make a splash with Gabrielle Neijman's Sweet Starbursts necklace. Mix easy crystal clusters attached to a square stitch base with two strands of seed beads that encircle lovely crystal pearls.
  • For a vintage wedding jewelry look, try Cheryl Assemi's Festive Jewels. This necklace is a classic mixture of crystals, fire polished beads, and marcasite spacers.
  • Whether you're planning a spring wedding or just want to wear your flowers on your wrist, Nadiya Pakosh's Pearl Flower Bracelet will be just the thing! Delicate and sophisticated pearl clusters attached to a base made with shimmering bugle beads.

Make your special day even better by making your own handcrafted beaded wedding jewelry!


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