Kumihimo Braiding is Easier Than You Think

Kumihimo, the ancient Japanese art of braiding, has wound its way into the hearts of beaders around the world. Beaded kumihimo is popping up in beaded jewelry designs using the newest beads and some very old braiding techniques. Some of the first kumihimo braids were made for soldiers who needed a way to secure saddles and gear to their horses, but these days, you’re more likely to see kumihimo with beads being used as handles for handbags, stunning necklaces made with gemstones, and fabulous beaded bracelets.
Beaded kumihimo makes a wonderfully portable craft, once you’ve loaded your beads onto the threads placed on your kumihimo disk. Using a small, lightweight foam kumihimo disk means that you can take your kumihimo projects along with you wherever you go. Kumihimo supplies are easy to come find at your favorite local bead shop, too. Foam discs come in several sizes and shapes for different types of kumihimo braiding, and as long as you have a big-eye needle handy for loading beads onto your threads, you’re all ready to do kumihimo with beads!
If you’ve never tried kumihimo braiding but are eager to learn, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite Beading Daily kumihimo blogs and added a free kumihimo pattern to get you started!
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Free Kumihimo beading patterns!
Create your own stunning beaded kumihimo jewelry!

If you love braiding, you’ll LOVE these kumihimo braiding patterns.

This versatile and creative braiding and beading technique can be used to create straps, cords, handles for handbags, and so much more! With four of our most popular Beading Daily blogs, you’ll discover the ancient origins of kumihimo beading and become inspired for using your finished beaded braids.
Learn the basics from our kumihimo instructions, and explore ideas for finishing the ends of your beaded kumihimo. Braids have been used for both decorative and functional purposes for centuries, and in Japan, the art of kumihimo braiding has seen a wonderful resurgence in popularity during the last decade. Incorporate this special technique with your beads to create a stunning piece of jewelry.

Free kumihimo beaded bracelet tutorial!

Free Kumihimo Bracelet Pattern

Learn the beautiful Japanese technique of kumihimo braiding while making a gorgeous bracelet to show off. This bracelet is bursting with color and while the technique may look intricate and detailed, this is a great project for any beader, beginner or advanced. This gorgeous beaded bracelet uses a variety of glass beads plus a creative finishing technique to quick riot of color that you’ll want to wear every day. This pattern is perfect for beginners.

Learn how to use a kumihimo disc for beading jewelry.

All About the Tradition of Japanese Braiding

Learn about the origins and techniques of this traditional Japanese braiding technique. This technique has a long, rich history of use in the decorative and practical arts, making it perfectly suited for today’s modern beaded jewelry projects. Using a variety of modern materials gives the style a fresh look. Just like beadwork, braiding fibers is something common to many different cultures around the world. Braids have been used for both decorative and functional purposes for centuries, and in Japan, the art of kumihimo braiding has seen a wonderful resurgence in popularity during the last decade. Learn more about this historic technique in beading and learn how to incorporate it in your bead designs today.

Learn what kumihimo beading supplies you need in this free guide!

How to Kumihimo with Beads

With our step-by-step instructions, you’ll see how easy it is to learn how to do kumihimo with beads. Supplies are widely available at most local bead stores, and once you master these basic kumihimo instructions, you’ll find creative inspiration everywhere you look. Learning how is much easier than you might think it is. Your basic kumihimo braid only requires two moves of the cords to make a braid that you can use for bracelets, purse straps, and even spectacular beaded necklaces.

Learn how to bead with the kumihimo technique!

A Creative Beading Technique

So, now that you’ve made about a hundred braids with beads, what do you do with them? Never fear, we’re here with these fun ideas for using your beaded braids for things like purse handles, beaded necklaces, and beaded bracelets. Have you ever learned a new beading technique that just sent you over the edge, creatively? Learn the versatility of incorporating Japanese braiding techniques into your beaded jewelry. Discover fun and creative ways to braid your way to your next masterpiece.

Learn kumihimo techniques for finishing your beaded jewelry projects!

Kumihimo Techniques for Finishing

Every braid has at least one end that needs a finishing touch, either with a bead cap or some other jewelry finding to secure the threads and create a professional, polished look. Explore your options for finishing your beaded braids using peyote stitched tubes, basic wire wrapping techniques, and more! If you’re looking for different ways to finish those pesky ends of a beaded kumihimo braid, let Jennifer VanBenschoten clue you in to some great ideas. Explore inspiring ideas to finish your piece just right.

You’ll create beautiful and memorable beaded jewelry designs with these kumihimo patterns.

Download your free eBook on kumihimo beading to get started on this collection of tutorials and a project that are sure to inspire! Finally, experiment with different types of beads when you make the free beading pattern included in our free beading lessons. The experts at Beading Daily selected some of the most informative blogs, tutorials, and a free jewelry pattern to show you how incredible bead braiding can look in your jewelry designs.