Metalworking in my Kitchen?

When it comes to jewelry making, barring a few meager attempts at peyote-stitched bracelets, I am truly a stringer at heart. I can string beads, knot cords, and crank out wrapped loops like nobody’s business.  But, honestly, I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a mixed-media maven! My passions lie in using polymer clay, metal stamping, cold enameling, resin, fabric dyes, decoupage–my list could go on and on–to add a unique and personal touch to my jewelry.
And one of the things that first piqued my interest in mixing up the mediums used in my jewelry was discovering the work of Candie Cooper a few years back. Now, if you’ve never heard of Candie Cooper, let me tell you, she is a dynamo when it comes to crafting and jewelry making. She has authored a number of jewelry and craft books, has hosted the public television series “Hands On” and “Beads, Baubles, and Jewels,” and teaches creative workshops nationwide. She has been a frequent contributor to Jewelry Stringing and Handcrafted Jewelry magazines over the years (one of my favorite Candie Cooper projects is shown at left, a plain wood bangle turned into something really exciting by painting, burning, and drilling).
As far as craft mediums, Candie can do it all, and I’ve recently learned that she approached metalworking from a beader’s perspective (hey, that’s me!). So now I’m anxious to sit in on her upcoming web seminar on Tuesday, March 17th, to find out how to set up a simple metalworking workspace in my kitchen and how I can incorporate my own metalwork into my jewelry designs. From what I know of Candie, I’m positive she will make metalworking much less daunting than it has always seemed in my mind. I’m excited to find out what tools are really necessary, plus how to cut and texture metal and add patina!

Is your curiosity piqued? Have you wanted to dabble in metalworking–you know, just find out the basics and see where it leads? Click here for details or to register for Candie’s web seminar, Kitchen Counter Metalworking for Beaders.

Happy crafting!

Debbie Blair, Editor

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Debbie Blair is the editor of Jewelry Stringing magazine and related special issues. With a background in fine arts, she loves dabbling in polymer clay, paint, and resin to add a personal touch to her jewelry designs. She’s a foodie at heart and thinks summertime in Colorado is the next best thing to Heaven.