How to Peyote Stitch: 7 Must-Know Peyote Beading Stitches

Peyote stitch is not the easiest beading stitch to learn, but many will agree that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked! There are so many beading designs out there, it seems like we’ll never run out of ways to change up this stitch and create amazing beadwork.

The below infographic will show you how to peyote stitch by showing you 7 must-know peyote beading stitches that differ in their designs, beading techniques and more.

How to Peyote Stitch the Simple Way: 7 Must-Know Peyote Beading Stitches

Learn how to make peyote stitch the simple way with this FREE infographic that shows 7 must-know peyote beading stitches from Beading Daily.

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Beading Daily assembled an amazing collection of peyote stitch patterns that includes 7 free peyote stitch patterns that show off the versatility and how creative you can get with this age-old, off-loom bead-weaving stitch. These top-quality peyote stitch designs are sure to inspire your creative spirit to start a new peyote bracelet or necklace today!

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