Free Bead Making Tutorial: How to Make a Beaded Bead

Discover the intricate art of jewelry making! This free craft tutorial contains various beading techniques for beginners and experts alike. Four of our best designers offer their professional advice on successfully crafting your own handmade jewelry. Make beads from step-by-step patterns, specifically designed for you to create and enjoy! The variety of patterns and projects come with great step-by-step instructions, colored diagrams, and materials and tools lists. Learn how to make beads using tubular peyote, herringbone, ladder, square, and brick stitches. Try a few out and you’ll be hooked. So grab your needles and seed beads; let’s get stitching!


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Learn how to make beaded beads with this fantastic free tutorial!

free beaded bead patterns

These six beaded bead projects will keep you entertained for hours.

Download your free beaded beads instructions, grab your bead stash and needle, and start making your own beads today! Each artist also shares insightful tips on how to add originality to these craft patterns.

Beaded beads necklace pattern

How to Make Peyote Beaded Beads

Pillows by Carol Huber Cypher

Create an entirely different style of jewelry with Cypher’s newly designed triangle bead. She was inspired by a strand of uniquely shaped wooden pieces. Using the peyote stitch technique, you can learn to make these eye-catching pieces. Materials and tools to craft these are minimal. Cypher even suggests you personalize these beaded beads instructions by stuffing them with herbs or scents, instead of felt. Follow the beaded bead instructions given by Cypher and you can successfully handcraft your own beads.

Make beaded beads

How to Make Beaded Beads in 10 Minutes

Party Girl Necklace by Robin Cowart

Want to learn to make jewelry in ten minutes? Cowart has designed the perfect project for you! These pieces take only ten minutes to make. Techniques required to make these are netting and wireworking skills. Make a necklace that can help you stand out in a crowd. These pieces are stitched flat and then gathered together to form a spherical, gorgeous shape. Connect them together with wire-wrapped links that you can construct from a silver chain.

Free Beaded Beads Project

Peyote Stitched Glass Beads

Seeing Stars by Melinda Barta

As part of the Beadwork magazine 15th anniversary beading contest, editor Melinda Barta designed this piece as part of a set that was to be used in a finished piece of beaded jewelry. This beautiful beading pattern uses tiny seed beads and larger glass beads to create a delicate, lacey piece that looks stunning with gemstones or other glass beads. Use this beading tutorial to learn how to use peyote stitch to create a beautiful array of jewelry.

Free Project for Beaded Beads

Cross Weaving Beading Tutorial

Pirate Polygons by Christine Prussing

Master the cross-weaving technique when you use these craft instructions to create a self-supporting necklace from just about any bead you have in your stash. Round glass beads, drop beads, and pearls can all be used for this beaded bead tutorial. Learn how to make a beaded bead and use up any leftover beads you might have in your stash from other beading projects – these beaded beads will go with just about anything!

Free Beaded Beads Project

Easy Beaded Bead Necklace Tutorial

Treasures of Atlantis Bracelet by Lynn Davy

Sometimes, making a magnificent necklace can be as simple as making an easy tube of peyote stitch, then adding strategic embellishments, like Lynn Davy did in her Treasures of Atlantis bracelet. Follow the easy beaded beads tutorial included in this beading project to make texturally rich pieces, then string them with your favorite gemstones and handmade glass beads for a striking, organic beaded bracelet project.

how to make a beaded bead

Beading Over Wood Beads

How Do I Cover a Bead with Peyote Stitch by Jennifer VanBenschoten

Many beaders learn this beading technique by covering a wood bead with tubular peyote stitch! This beading tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of covering a wood bead with peyote stitch. Find out the secret to holding your peyote stitch in place, get ideas for embellishments, and learn an easy method for making decreases and shaping your peyote stitch around a wood bead. Learning about bead making has never been more enjoyable!

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Beaded Beads Tutorial: Free Instructions and Patterns to Learn How to Make a Beaded Bead from Beading Daily