How to Bead

All you need to learn how to bead are some beads, a needle and beading thread (that will fit through the beads), and the ability to see the hole in the bead. Therefore, anywhere you arrange your bead projects and materials becomes your studio. Learning how to bead can be made easier when you borrow from a practice that professional chefs use: mise en place, French for “put in place”. To chefs, it means never burning the chocolate while fetching eggs from the cooler. Though beadwork doesn’t entail these particular dangers, adapting this practice makes you more efficient and simplifies how you bead. It requires that at the onset of each your bead projects, your work area is arranged so that necessities are at hand and ready to use, rather than interrupting the process to retrieve them one by one.

Sample Diagram Starburst

Teach Others How to Bead with Beading Diagrams

You know how a picture speaks a thousand words? A good beading diagram, I would argue, speaks way more than that. Written instructions will only get you (and your students and customers) only so far without some kind of images to illustrate the concepts and thread paths that you’re trying to communicate with them, and…


How Has Your Jewelry Making Style Evolved?

Of all the things I’ve learned during my career as an artist, the most important factor to being a successful artist is that you have to be willing to let yourself grow and change and discover new things. For a while, I did off-loom bead-weaving almost exclusively. I started learning how to bead with seed…

Star of India

How Did You Learn How to Bead?

I still remember what inspired me to really learn how to bead. After years of failed attempts at learning how to make wire jewelry and do wire wrapping, my mother gave me a pair of bead embroidered and brick stitch earrings. They were made in a Native American style with leather and tiny seed beads…


Get to Know Featured Instructor Beth Katz Stone

From Jennifer: I can always tell when I’ve hit on a good beaded jewelry design, because I find that I can create three or four completely new ideas from my original starting point. It’s a fun way to stretch my creative “muscles”, and I get a bunch of new beading designs to boot! Bead artist…


Create Jewelry 2014

The brand new special issue, Create Jewelry 2014, is a better than ever rendition of our annual issue, 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings. This issue features 101 beautiful DIY projects including bracelet, necklace, and earring designs. With simple, step-by-step instructions, this is the issue for experienced and beginner jewelry makers alike. You won’t want to…