Beading Daily’s Guide to Herringbone Stitch: 7 Free Herringbone Patterns

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This type of beading is an extremely versatile bead-weaving stitch and can be done in flat, tubular and circular variations. Tubular herringbone stitch is a widely used method for creating intricate beaded ropes, and flat herringbone stitch can be shaped simply by using a variety of sizes of beads in the bead-weaving. With its origins in the heart of South Africa’s Ndebele tribe, there is a rich history of culture and craft behind the technique. This stitch is instantly recognizable from the distinctive “v” pattern formed by the beads and thread path. Being a favorite stitch among Beading Daily experts, we’ve compiled this free guide full of instruction and a unique herringbone pattern for each variation of the stitch.


Need a quick herringbone pattern for a beaded rope or lariat? Try Theresa Ferreira’s free pattern to bend and swirl a simple herringbone rope to capture a beautiful crystal pearl focal bead! Or learn how to create a strong and sturdy base for a herringbone necklace. Tubular herringbone, with or without a twist, is the perfect way to create substantial beaded bracelets and necklaces that are just begging for a little embellishment! Try Leslee Frumin’s fabulous herringbone necklace pattern to give your newly-developed skills a real workout while you create a stunning piece of beaded jewelry. Download the free guide today!




Discover the joy and rich history behind the classic herringbone stitch, also known as the ndebele stitch!

This type of beading stitch and all of its wonderful variations can be used for just about any beading project you have in mind. Beading Daily has made it easy for you to learn this versatile technique with a free eBook full of detailed and illustrated instruction to compliment the seven free patterns! Start creating beautiful jewelry today by learning to create a herringbone chain for a necklace or using a tubular variation for a bracelet or necklace.


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Stitch Pro column by Jean Campbell


The free column tackles flat herringbone stitch—a quick, strong stitch. Got herringbone down? Then expand your skills by learning how to make both subtle and extreme increases, creating this pretty crown shape. All you need to follow along is two different colors of size 11° seed beads (A and B), a few 4mm round beads, a beading needle, and some thread.

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Therapy Necklace by Margo Field


"'Therapy' begins with incorporating beautiful colors and sizes of beads into herringbone tubes," opens beading artist Margo Field. For those who agree that beading is the best therapy around, join her in making this exquisite design. Her Therapy Necklace uses a simple herringbone tube that you can embellish to your heart's desire.

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Maggie's Weave by Marlene Blessing


If you've ever thought that basic herringbone tubes were boring, check out this free herringbone pattern. Named for the designer's Grandma Maggie, this necklace was inspired by the graphics in JoAnne Zekowski's lampworked beads. This fashion-forward piece combines her spectacular beads with herringbone-stitched tubes, silver beads, and chain.

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Herringbone Necklace by Doris Coghill


This necklace was originally designed a couple of years ago to show off the silvercored beads made by Doris's lampworker friend, Lea Zinke. Lea keeps coming up with new colors of beads, which requires Doris to make a new color of necklace! This simple and refreshing herringbone necklace can be used to showcase your favorite glass bead.

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Cairo Necklace by Lynn Davy


A modern take on a classic style, this deceptively simple choker has plenty of intricate detail with glass drops that mimic high-end stones. This project is a perfect example of how a strong herringbone stitch base can be embellished with larger beads for a modern, sophisticated look.

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Modern Medieval Ring Maria Theresa Ferreira


After seeing a bold pearl ring in a jewelry shop, Maria Teresa was inspired to create its beadworked cousin using tubular herringbone-stitched cylinder beads as the base. Herringbone tubes and ropes are wonderfully supple and soft, and Maria Theresa takes full advantage of these qualities with this ring. Bend and swirl a simple herringbone rope to capture a beautiful crystal pearl focal bead!

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Purple Anemone by Leslee Frumin


Finally, combine both tubular twisted and flat circular herringbone stitch in Leslee Frumin's fabulous Purple Anemone necklace. You'll give your newly-developed herringbone stitch skills a real workout while you create a stunning piece of beaded jewelry! Leslee created this flower with free-form herringbone stitch.

Grab your favorite tube of seed beads and create a stunning herringbone necklace or bracelet today!

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Whether you’re an expert or new to beginner beading, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the techniques and tips for creating these beautiful free patterns. Find a free herringbone pattern to showcase how adaptable this stitch is to different projects and looks. The collection of projects showcases the many possibilities of the stitch using variations and techniques in wonderful ways by other beadwork artists. All of the instructions are easy to follow and will have you creating beautiful jewelry in no time!

make-herringbone-jewelry Spacer 10x10 pixels This beading technique can be shaped without lots of complicated increases and decreases making it a go-to stitch for a simple and sophisticated beaded rope. There are lots of other reasons why today's best beadwork artists choose it for their designs. Discover these projects that use herringbone in very surprising and innovative ways free in this downloadable eBook!

See for yourself how much fun it can be to work something new into your next beading project! Check out the free patterns and detailed instruction to experience the versatility of this beautiful stitch today.

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