6 Free Gemstone Jewelry Projects Using Semi-Precious Stones and Gemstone Beads

Gemstones have been prized by humans for hundreds of years. Besides their natural beauty, natural gemstones are prized for their "mystic" powers. Each has a unique meaning and will help bring anything from wealth to health, and good luck to empowerment to the wearer. Even if you treasure gemstones more for their beauty than meaning, there is truly a healing, inspiring "power" of gemstones. Just sit down with a new strand of semi-precious stones or gemstone beads in your favorite color and shape, and create your own unique piece of gemstone jewelry.

To celebrate the wonderful power of natural jewelry making, we’ve created this collection of gemstone jewelry designs and a special guide to using gemstones. Start by learning how to tell the difference between dyed and natural gemstones, then discover the special meanings of gemstones to find the perfect fit for your next piece of gemstone jewelry. Then join Marlene Blessing for tips on buying dyed or natural stones that fit your budget. Then take your new information for a spin with six gemstone bead necklace projects that you can create and personalize to fit your unique style.



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Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

"Dyed or Natural Gemstones? How to Tell the Difference?" by Jean Campbell

At one point or another, each of us was just a beginner, working with lab created or natural gemstone beads for the very first time. In this article, expert Jean Campbell shares her story to discovering how not all jewelry making supplies are made the same. She explains in detail how to decipher the dyed vs natural gemstones lingo to be sure you are ordering exactly what you expect. Also included is a handy reference guide to the American Gem Trade Association enhancement codes, so you can buy enhanced gemstones with confidence.

"Healing Beads: The Special Meanings of Gemstones" by Jean Campbell

Looking for natural gemstone beads with special meaning? Jean found herself wanting to make a special piece of gemstone jewelry as a thank you for a special person in her life. When she sat down to create the pin, she found herself reflecting on everything this person had done for her, and how each stone put into the piece had special meaning. Discover the significance behind a handful of popular gemstones, so the next time you want to create a gift you can put your own special meaning into the design.

"The Magic of Stones: 5 Tips on Today’s Affordable Semi-precious Stones" by Marlene Blessing

There are plenty of high end lab created and natural gemstones available, but fitting your bead buying into your budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Stone merchants are on the frontline of the jewelry business, and can help you find the best deals in the marketplace. In this article, Marlene shares some of her gemstone bead-buying expertise, and makes suggestions on what types of stones to select and how to save money.

Gemstone Necklaces: Net Full of Gems

DIY Beaded Choker Necklace

Net Full of Gems by Linda Richmond

This easy netted choker is made by first working the body of the collar, then decreases at the end. It’s easy to create entirely different looks, from a long elegant robe of gemstones, to a choker that hugs your neck. This design leaves so much room for personalization, that no two pieces will be exactly alike. All you need are a few strands of small gem chips, delicas in a complimentary color, and the sky’s the limit!

Gemstone Necklace Patterns

Easy Strung Gemstone Bead Project

Mile Marker 219 by Annie Hartman Bakken

This adventurous necklace was created for a special Aunt, to celebrate the location of their family farm in North Dakota. The design is simple, and easy to follow, but the results look anything but simplistic. Make your own mark with natural, dyed, precious, or semi-precious gemstone beads and create your own stunning gemstone bead necklace design.

Gemstone Necklaces: Stone Soup

How to Use Up Spare Beads

Stone Soup by Tina Koyama

We all have the stash of leftover beads and occasionally the bead soup that just isn’t worth sorting. This gemstone bead necklace is perfect for using up those bits from your stash. Inspired from a Beadwork Creates cover project, this design uses a donut as a main focal point works up in vertical peyote stitch.

Gemstone Necklaces: Stone Temple Donuts

DIY Donut Bead Necklace

Stone Temple Donuts by Dustin Wedekind

Use a pile of turquoise gemstone donuts to make this piece of handmade gemstone jewelry! It’s a classic beaded necklace design that will never go out of style. Instead of turquoise, you can use onyx for a more sophisticated gemstone necklace.

Gemstone Necklaces: Turquoise Collage

DIY Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Collage by Marcella Austenfeld

Mix and match your favorite jewelry-making techniques and supplies when you create this unique gemstone necklace. Bead-weaving captures your favorite gemstone pendants for a stunning focal point, accented by knotting, stringing, and simple wire wrapping.

Gemstone Necklaces: Cobblestone

Using Rough Gemstone Beads

Cobblestone by Denise Yezbek Moore

Who said that gemstone necklaces had to be boring? The precious gemstone beads/nuggets used in Denise Yezbek Moore’s earthy and artistic necklace are naturally gorgous. Make it even more refined by using faceted gemstone beads instead of nuggets!

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