Triangle Weave


String 3 beads and tie them in a circle to form a triangle.  This is your first unit.  Pass through the first bead again.  String 2 beads and pass through the bead just exited and the 2 just strung.  Continue adding 2 beads at a time to make a series of triangles.  The thread path will resemble a figure eight, alternating directions with each unit.  To make the second row, exit from the first bead of the last unit added.  String 2 beads and pass through the bead just exited and the 2 just added.  String 2 beads and pass through the second bead of the last unit and the first bead just added.  String 1 bead and pass through the edge bead of the adjacent unit from the previous row.  String 2 beads and pass through the bead added in the last unit and the first bead just added.  Repeat across the row, creating units by alternating one-bead and two bead additions.

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