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Welcome to the Beading Daily Member Gallery – where you can share your current or past patterns and/or projects with those in our vibrant Beading community, receive feedback, and be inspired by other talented beaders. We know how important new beading inspiration, sharing, and feedback is to our beaded jewelry makers. With such a talented group of beaders and jewelry makers, we’ve created a method for you to share your original beading projects and images of your completed projects with each other and in the Free Member Gallery. Discover inspiration for your next beaded jewelry project or bead craft, or find helpful techniques and how-to from members right here in the Beading Daily community.

This collection is a great place to find beading and stringing inspiration and explore various techniques and approaches to jewelry design. You can explore projects in bead-weaving, stringing, have fun with various new stitches, and more! Then share your unique patterns here. And be sure to check back frequently for inspiration and gorgeous new beading projects.

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