Beading Projects

Are you about to start on your first bead project? Or maybe you’ve already nailed down the beading basics but you’re ready to learn new beading techniques? Everyone needs a place to start and every beader is always searching for new beading ideas. Enjoy a multitude of beading patterns, projects, tutorials, and resources ranging from beginner to advanced, from beadweaving to embroidery, to working with wire. We have something every beader will be sure to enjoy.

Getting Started with Seed Beads, by Dustin Wedekind

10 Seed Bead Tips, Facts, and More!

While roaming the aisles at Bead Fest, I overheard a few ladies talking about beads – seed beads, that is. They were trying to help each other understand the difference between a size 11 Delica and a size 11 Czech seed bead. One didn’t believe there was a difference and the other knew one was…

Monreale Necklace beadwork design by Maggie Meister

Beadwork Designs, Designing for Fashion Trends or the Classics

Now Showing: Runway and fashion trends for Summer 2016 As predicted, for this summer’s fashion hits, we are seeing lace, satin and loose fitting fabrics. On-trend colors are in fact rose blush and yellow. Here are Swarovski’s Innovations for Spring/Summer 2016 – so spot on! Other key factors are soft metallics and pops of color,…

Daisy pin by Maryann Patterson-Curls, French beaded flower technique

How to Make Beaded Flowers – the French Beaded Flower Way

One of the first projects I remember editing when I started at Lapidary Journal was a design by Arlene Baker, made using the French beaded flower techniques. I hadn’t learned how to make beaded flowers or how to wire wrap beads using the French beaded flower method. In order to do the project and beautiful…