4 FREE Bead Loom Patterns: Loom Bracelets You Have to Make

Create beautiful and shimmering jewelry with bead loom patterns. In this carefully curated free jewelry making pattern download, you’ll discover four modern and aesthetically pleasing bead loom patterns that’ll have you working with seed beads, fringe, chevron designs, and more!

Feminine, geometric, and tribal designs have been thriving in the fashion and jewelry world this summer, and with these free jewelry-making projects from the Beading Daily community, you can begin to make your own statement pieces easily! To start creating and exploring inspiration, enter your e-mail to download the free bead loom bracelet patterns, then grab your seed bead stash and beading treasures and get to work! You won’t miss out on any beading insights once you’re signed up to our mailing list—from free jewelry-making patterns to discounts to newsletters, you will have just gained access into our inspiring beading community.

If you like making jewelry on a loom, then you'll LOVE these 4 FREE bead loom bracelet patterns from BeadingDaily.com

Get your free guide on how to make jewelry with a loom with these four bead loom patterns from Beading Daily!

You’ll LOVE making these bead loom patterns!

If you’ve always wanted to try out loom beading (or get back into it), you’ll enjoy creating these four bracelets—including one that plays with charms and fringe, a cuff that features summery designs, and a bracelet that showcases architectural wirework. Explore the sleek and uniform texture that loomwork can lend to your jewelry.

Get your free guide on how to make jewelry with a loom with these four bead loom patterns from Beading Daily!

Trendy, Chevron Stitch Loom Bracelet

Missoni-Inspired Loom Bracelet by Lindsay Burke
This trendy bracelet loom-woven with cylinder beads features a chevron pattern inspired by fashion designers Ottavio and Rosita Missoni.

Summer Cuff Bracelet

Flower Garden Loom-Woven Bracelet by Lynn Smythe
Think of the fragrant blooms of summer while you make this lovely cuff bracelet. Lynn uses extra attention to detail at her closure to make a fashion statement.

Texsolv Cord Loomwork Bracelet

Sonoran Desert Bracelet by Sara Oehler
Colored beading wire adds both strength and style to this fantastic openwork design created on a loom.

Loomed Bracelet with Fringes

Shimmering Tapestry by Michele Anderson
This bracelet was inspired by a needlepoint pattern for a dollhouse hallway runner. When Michele saw the shape, she immediately pictured a loomed bracelet with fringe on the ends. Then cylinder beads came to mind for their smooth, even fit.

You’ll be making bracelets on a bead loom like a PRO in no time with these FREE bead loom patterns.

From making bead loom bracelets and more, you’ll find everything you need to make beaded jewelry on a loom.