"Put together a Directory of Services" in your Community?

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Gyspy Mary wrote
on May 5, 2010 5:22 PM

We all want to help, but you can help where ever you are. If your community has a Directory of Services , Is it up to date?

How many Communities have a "Directory of Services"? 

So,if you are reading this Post and your Community does not have a "Directory of Service" prehaps you could put one together.

Enlist a Girl Scout Troop, or Boy Scout Troop to help you. A local Chruch's Groups, Moose (??)

I see the Floods, the Hurricanes and I wonder "How many of these Communities have a Directory of Services?

The one thing, I had plan to do when I retired. Well, no time like the present to start on it.

Thanks, to Cindy's post.(CRS3813)



Gyspy Mary

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