Fading delicas?

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Louweasel wrote
on Feb 26, 2010 7:13 AM

I was just tidying my dressing table and was putting away a necklace that had been lying there for about a fortnight (*blush* I am not very organised) and noticed that some of the delicas have faded. I was surprised as they are not dyed ones or coated in any way - they are in fact a colour lined crystal (sparkling blue lined crystal, I think).

So I need to work out what caused this so I can prevent it happening again - it's not a disaster as it won't take long to redo the necklace; it's a fairly simple one - but I'd like to avoid it in future.

My initial though was sunlight, and that I should be tidier and put beads away in my jewellery after use, but I'm not completey convinced. Firstly, my dressing table doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight (if any!) as it is in a north-facing room and sunlight would also be blocked to the middle of the table by a large-ish mirror. Secondly, the necklace is made up of a single starnde of delicas with a series of graduated points (in a sort of chevron stitch) in teh centre section, and  fading seems to have occurred only to the delicas in the top row in the section with points, and the single strand to either side. In short, the parts that touch my skin most. So could it be that someting on my skin such as perfume is reacting with the colour and bleaching it? I'm not entirely convinced by this either as, like I say, they are colour-lined beads so the perfume etc would have to get inside the bead to affect the colour.

What do you all think?

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JSmaz wrote
on Feb 26, 2010 7:17 AM

It's possible you're on the right track with that.  I occasionally make beaded pen covers and I've noticed with some dyed and lined beads that the colors can fade, usually in the area where I hold the pen to write with it.  I've also noticed on some inside-color beads that the color can rub off with multiple thread passes or if the needle scrapes along the inside of the bead.


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