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love_beads wrote
on Mar 28, 2010 11:38 AM

Responses below

Sunrise Jewelry:

Seems to me love_beads that there's no need for you to get so nasty about it either.

••• There is no nastiness on my part. It may be easy to project or read a tone into typewritten words that is not there. I am sure we have been all guilty of that.


The BD Editor herself has asked you to stop posting items for sale.

••• I was not contacted by the BD Editor to stop posting. You can see in the Guidelines that posting items for barter and/or sale is allowed in this section. Here is the excerpt

" 1. Members may advertise their tools, beads and supplies for trade or sale in the Bead Barter forum according to the statements below. Please, members only.

Members should inquire in the Bead Barter Forum for items they seek. Please encourage seekers to post only there.
Members may respond to these inquiries about their tools, beads and supplies for trade or sale in the Bead Barter forum."


Most normal people would just say, "OK, gee sorry, I must've misunderstood the guidelines as posted" without passing scathing judgment on any of the long-term members of this forum.

••• I did not misunderstand the guidelines. They were crystal clear before I posted my beads for sale. Furthermore, no scathing judgement was passed on anyone. If you need clarification on anything I've said then please email me and I'd be happy to explain any misunderstood comments.


IF you have been here long enough and have read some of the other discussions, you would know full well that this is a very close-knit community. We are also a very open and welcoming, warm and accepting group of people.

••• Some in this thread have not modeled open, welcoming, or accepting behavior, which is unfortunate.


To many of us, these are some of the dearest folks we know, great friends who would do almost anything for any of the others here. You'd see that by and large, we all live lives FULL of empathy and compassion for not only our BD friends but for many other charities, both on a local and on an international level (i.e., Haiti earthquake, Australian wildfires, breast cancer, local schools and churches, etc.).

••• Those are great qualities to have. Thanks for pointing that out. I am also an empathic and compassionate person, if you genuinely need my list of charitable contributions please email me and I would love to share with you my philanthropic projects over the last 12 years


You also would see that most, if not all here, are in some way spiritual and lead our lives in that certain way of respect and love for our human brothers and sisters.

••• That is a quality and life purpose I share with you as well. I also include respect and love for our animal friends as well :)


You've been asked to cease and desist. So do so. And if you don't like the guidelines, then you are free to move on to other sites which would allow you to SELL your items instead of barter them.

••• I had a surplus of beads and posted them for sale on February 15. What about that has to be 'cease and desist'? I do not understand. The guidelines state that trading and selling are allowed. 


I apologize to my BD friends, but you all know what a tiger I can be when I perceive that someone has "attacked" someone I care about.

••• I can calm your perception by saying no one had been attacked.....if anyone has been, you can clearly see it has been me. There is nothing wrong with having a dialogue and responding to statements that are directly made to you, albeit online, when it's done professionally and with decency.

Where it becomes an issue is when people have misplaced understanding and create and perpetuate a drama that is not there to begin with. Although people use virtuous words , like compassion, empathy, and caring, it's a totally different thing than showing it. When you can act and be positive, no matter what your preconceived notions are, it is more genuine that just saying I am 'this' or I am 'that'. I say this as it pertains to this particular thread and the actions of a few. I've said this before and I'll say it again, just because a few responded with negativity I do not reflect that on the whole community here.


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on Mar 28, 2010 11:54 AM

Leslie Rogalski:

Oh, sorry, you are actively advertising another commercial site which is not allowed. Clearly you are touting a site with auctions from others which involve commerce.

I wish you luck, but must remove any further posts like this for advertising your business. You can keep your URL signature in posts, like the rest of us, but no blatant commerce of this nature.

 BETTER STILL--We trade and swap beads among ourselves right here, among friends and fellow members. if you see someone asking for something you can swap then please reply to that specific post. But no more posts like this. OKay? Thanks!

love_beads, you are not going to suck me into any further pissing match with you.  I am not going to address any of your current comments because you have already shown all of us how you are.

However, anyone who is in the least bit familiar with this site/forum knows that Leslie Rogalski is the Editor!  I have quoted her post, but you can also find it by scrolling up within this same discussion.  In my perception, and most likely that of everyone who has read this thread, she DID request that you stop trying to sell your stuff.

And I just realized that I am over a month behind on this particular discussion.  I now see that you joined BD on 2010Feb15, made a very few comments, mostly on this discussion and have not posted anything since 2010Feb19.  Maybe you consider that you did cease and desist by not posting on any further conversations, and for whatever reason this particular "barter" was not "closed".  I will give you that benefit of the doubt that that was indeed your intentions and I will apologize for re-opening something that became (again, in my perception you did verbally attack someone here) quite nasty quite quickly and quite unnecessarily.

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SandyA@16 wrote
on Mar 28, 2010 12:00 PM

Hi, Sunrise Jewerly

I just thought I should let you know that the post on 2/18/2010 by Leslie was not directed to love beads.  It was directed to another post that has been delited.

Sandy A.

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on Mar 28, 2010 12:04 PM

Hi Sandy,

Which only adds to the confusion since she posted it here, and without the other post for point of reference, I naturally assumed that she DID mean this one.  I do thank you for pointing that out, I hate not having all the facts.


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SandyA@16 wrote
on Mar 28, 2010 12:47 PM

Hi, Dawn

I agree, she should of deleted her post after a few days of deleting the other one.  I understand the confusion. 

There was a little controversy with the original poster she/he didn't feel they were doing anything wrong.  I honstly feel that he/she thought they were doing us a favor. The site they were permoting was a free barter / auction site but, it wasn't Interweave, so it had to go.

Sandy A

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