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on Dec 4, 2009 2:55 PM

In the last few weeks we had an awkward situation that seemed to create confusion as to how Beading Daily is run.  I'd like to clarify what Beading Daily’s purpose is and share how we can all be a part of the site with more awareness for everyone's position. To help do this we’ve created some Community Guidelines for our site.
The site is here primarily for education and sharing, both good things and hard things.  When it comes to sharing hard things, its best to keep the post as respectful as possible, even if you're fuming.  The atmosphere here needs to be as open as possible, so that everyone can be heard for their advice, position and concerns.  However, emotional posting puts us all in a hard place, and Beading Daily reserves the right to remove content that can be damaging to the whole site and our community.  Please read the new Guidelines that I've created as these are also part of our Terms of Use for using the Beading Daily website.  If you have further questions or concerns about this, let me know.
All of us here at Beading Daily are excited to meet every members and want to make you feel welcome! We want this to be a positive, encouraging, fun place where you feel valued and safe, and above all else, we want to help build a community based on our shared passion for making jewelry and being creative.
We want this to be a very open community and will only intervene if absolutely necessary. However, in order to maintain a positive and safe environment for everyone, there are some simple rules listed here that we all need to follow. Find the complete Guidelines under the Community Forums category.

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