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rachel l. wrote
on Feb 21, 2015 3:29 PM

1. Where oh where is my annual BEAD STAR magazine? Sad

  a. first it was a glorious entire issue, complete with honorable mention entries and the instructions for them! (and first 3 place finishers...) that is a lot of project how-tos in one issue, i get that! So I wasn't shocked when it downsized to only include the top 3 in each category, but provided pics of the runners up...THEN it was relegated to part of STRINGING issue (4 a year btw)...and no more project instructions! What? Now I have to pay for them? AND I have to pay to enter the contest? Are times really this bad? It would seem that the jewelry/beading diy community is thriving, so this progression just has me stumped and disappointed.

2. Although I am not a subscriber of STRINGING, I have EVERY SINGLE ISSUE SINCE FALL OF 2007! That means Ive paid more than normal subscriber  rates and feel it is worth it!

However; the latest issue (spring 2015) is packed with great stuff.  I have only glanced through it once (by the time the next issue rolls in, I will have read through it countless times!) ...The cover includes a headline:"NEW! ARTIST OF THE MONTH VIDEO SERIES.

The I turn to page 13 to find out more...its on a different site? I have to subscribe and then pay?

Should it be on the cover? NO...

enough for now...thanks




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