Please Help Wire Beaded Bauble Bracelet Question

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thesiskiss wrote
on Jun 25, 2014 8:20 AM

Hello! Any help would be much appreciated. My sis and I have been trying to make the wire beaded baubles for quite some time. We are using a 22 gauge wire and we are having the hardest time not bending the wire when we are stringing the beads. We use a glass form to create the wire round bracelet, but you have to take the wire off the glass form when you are ready to string beads. When we do that, our wire becomes bent, etc. 
What are we missing?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks, The Sis Kiss  

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shanks wrote
on Jun 26, 2014 2:52 PM

My first suggestion would be to move your question up to the area "How Do I "  Many more people would see your question.

 If there is any way of posting a picture of the form that would help. Is the wire bending when you remove it from the form? If it is, you are winding the wire too tight around the glass. If the beads are rather long, then they will not slide down the wire because the bend in the wire is shorter than the length of the hole in the bead. Probably the largest bead you can string down the wire with a dia. of 6 inches is about a 6mm. Just a guess on my part. Good luck with the project.

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