I did it! I wrote a tutorial!

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ss10001 wrote
on Jun 4, 2013 8:27 AM

I did it!  I finally broke down and wrote up some tutorials.  Step by step.  With a BUNCH of photos.  I'm pretty proud of them.  But now I'm running into some questions.  Anyone with experience in tutorials and/or teaching here who's willing to share?  For example, I've had someone ask to teach a class using my tut - she wants to teach it, not me - I don't know if I said that very clearly.  Anyway, I'm feeling funny about someone else teaching my work, but I certainly am not going to go to every bead shop and do it, so I guess that is how it's done?  What is the usual "deal" for letting them do that - just the tutorial purchase from each student?


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tcwhit wrote
on Jun 4, 2013 6:56 PM

I'm sorry, I can't answer your questions. I just wanted to remark on your beautiful work. I'm so envious of your skill.

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brightcircle wrote
on Jun 4, 2013 7:07 PM

Wow, that is gorgeous! Wish you could come to my house and teach me how to do that!

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SCB1 wrote
on Jun 4, 2013 9:37 PM

This is just my opinion, but I think it would only be fair for you if each student had to purchase the tutorial. The teacher could buy on for each student and include the price of it in her charge for the lesson. I wouldn't think it would be fair if she purchased just one tutorial and taught more than herself how to do it with the one tutorial. After all she could teach hundreds of students over the years and you would only benefit from one sale where you could have sold hundreds of tutorials or taught the class your self and had a fair benefit from your hard work and efforts.

Happy Beading!!


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lasexybuda wrote
on Jun 5, 2013 2:57 PM

Congratulation on your tutorial

Happy beading

Irene from the enchanted Island

Happy beading!

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Gyspy Mary wrote
on Jun 6, 2013 2:39 PM

Awesome! This is beautiful!. I teach basic beading, and I design my graphs on BeadTool 4.( I use word and photos to design the Tutorial, again basic) I just add the price of the class and kit to cover the cost of the pattern.

I really think the best advice, is " know what you want for the tutorial, and charge for the tutorial.". cost is really decided on the amount of time I spend designing the pattern.

Gyspy Mary

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