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tpatcheson wrote
on May 23, 2013 1:55 PM

I just started my beading renaissance this winter. Normally I go to my cabin in the woods and bead, but my mom is 90 and I am primary caregiver, and now she doesn't want to be left alone. Consequently, it could take me weeks to do a piece of beadwork at the cabin. This winter, I loaded up my beading supplies and brought them to the house, where I have been beading daily.
Recently, my favourite event is going to bead stores. I love seeing what new things have come in, and getting more beads for my stash. As they say, too much is not enough!
I like to work on bracelets because they are a shorter project that lets me try out new ideas - like my current free-form peyote ones. I'd also like to try some bead embroidery.
I have so much to learn and become skilled with! I like BD's free E-Books that you can download. The projects are a great way to learn a new technique. I buy beading magazines and learn from their published projects. I use folders to organise articles and how-to's I have gleaned off the internet. I like to look at beadwork from Etsy. Sometimes I despair when I see gorgeous pieces. I feel I'll never learn that level of skill and artistry. My biggest challenge is coming up with original designs. I want to be able to go to craft shows with my own pieces, as I respect copyrights.
What else? I'm updating my camera equipment so I can take some decent photos of my work, then I can have a blog  (I love reading other people's beading blogs!).
My inspirations come mostly from colours and forms and textures found in nature and spiritual things. Well, to me, nature is spiritual. I live in a forest where there is lots of inspiration. You know you're a beading addict when you look at something and think "How can I translate that into beads?"  My current piece that I'm working on is a cluster of beaded marsh-marigold flowers. I hope I will be able to post some photos when I am done.
Cheers everyone, Teresa

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tcwhit wrote
on May 23, 2013 7:26 PM

Hi Teresa - I certainly understand where you're at. I have a 50 hour a wk job plus a part time job, and in off time I'm also care giver of an elderly parent with health issues. Hard to make time for beading sometimes. Heck, hard to make time for washing dishes sometimes! But I have a wonderful Uncle who takes my dad out quite often. God Bless him. Dad doesn't want to see an ironing board or hear the vacuum. So you go like a demon when my uncle comes for him. Makes it tough to follow a muse, right? Oh, he also doesn't like my beading. Bad daughter that I am, I tell him I get to have time for me, too. I look forward to Sunday afternoons the most!

Like you, I often wonder "How can I do that on a cuff?" Or make something into a pendant or focal. Also like you, I make what I can find patterns for, as it teaches me much. Eventually that just takes off into something else entirely, all on it's own. As though there is no control over it. Those turn out to be my favorite pieces.

There's a current challenge going on right now, for wedding jewelry. Obviously, you need to design your own (not my strongest yet). It has certainly pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and I think I may have hit my head against the wall more then I should have. But it's fun. Perhaps when someone throws the next one out, you could also join in?

Regardless, I look forward to seeing your work


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