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OusleyStudio wrote
on Apr 19, 2013 1:52 PM

Just curious as to how you all get your ideas flowing. I may see a color, outfit, or some style of beads/stones in the store and generate something from there.

thanks Chris and D.

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D.M.Z wrote
on Apr 19, 2013 2:05 PM

I am primarily a loom person, so if I take a special picture or see one someplace where I can get to the photog and get permission to use it..........that is where I start. Often it is a color or shape in the picture that originally attracts me. I like dogs, birds, butterflies and flowers as a starting subject.

As a sideline, I will do any sort of bead project that comes along in between larger loom projects. Our Bead Society did a challenge which was taking a mixed bag of single color beads, almost a pound of glass beads, and did something creative with it. A good bead challenge is a marvelous starter for ideas...........all you get is the basic ingredients and you have to spread them out and start thinking. I love challenges. I often pass up a great project in a bead mag because the colors don't "resonate" with me, then I go back years later and wonder why I didn't like that enough to mark it with a little post it. Donna

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OusleyStudio wrote
on Apr 19, 2013 2:11 PM

Thanks Donna. I am the same with a color or style that didn't "click" a few years ago but did later. Cool

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