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bjlewis84 Cool [H] wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 4:42 AM

New to beading and making jewelry.  Have mosting done stretch bracelets but working on wire and toggles.  It is soooo addicting and I wish i could buy everything.  As it is I have all my friends giving me their old and broken jewelry and I get what I can.


Have also made a few necklaces and just about two pairs of earrings.  The wiring is tricky to look good and I really want to work on my stringing and knotting so i can make a variety of stuff.   I tend to be too organized and I need to let my jewelry get a bit more funky and less perfectly planned-- lol


Look forward to reading tips-- I already have a question--


when beading a stretch bracelet is it better to use more than one smaller thread or one large thead (elastics)  I wondered cause I have been using one but noticed in the older jewelry I took apart they usually used 2-3 smaller ones??


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tcwhit wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 7:13 AM

Welcome Brenda, nice to meet you. I don't really make the stretch bracelets too often anymore, but yes, I did start using the double strings. I guess it's a matter of personal choice. But I really am replying because I want to tell you about paper beads. You can make them from old magazines and junk mail and you can even use material, and some of them are just beautiful. If you do an internet search for making them, you'll get more instructions then you'll ever read or need. Many of them are quite large, but with practice you'll start making them smaller and smaller. Save a boat load of money! Also, people use goodies they find on the ground. Pretty stones, sea glass, shells. I actually have a few large chunks of pink quartz with some pretty gold veins, but I need to find someone local to cut them for me. Oh if only I'd paid more attention in those old rock science classes. Resin is another thought, but it's an investment also. But you can make cabs and fills them with anything tiny you want. I actually picked up a piece of wire on the side of the road and stripped the covering off and had several nice pieces of copper wire, each one several feet long. There are hundreds of things you can do without a large investment. Just search the net for making jewelry.

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Gyspy Mary wrote
on Feb 20, 2013 12:06 AM

Warm Welcome to Beading Daily Forum. well, I use lace, buttons, to make jewelry, all you need it time and imagination. The internet has a limitless supply of "How To" video 's and evene written instructions with photos.

so Happy Beading

Gyspy Mary

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Handcrafted wrote
on Mar 6, 2013 3:26 PM

Hello Brenda and welcome,

when it comes to make bracelets with the stretch elastic I have always only used one thread as I think it is the knot that is the most important thing and I always add a spot of super glue for good measure.

There are many videos on youtube that show you many jewellery making tips and I have always been able to find what I am looking for.

||When it comes to your designs yes relax and let your imagination guide you with your handmade jewellery designs

Handmade jewellery designs found here


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