Fashion Jewellery is all in my mind....Hello All!

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StyleToniq wrote
on Feb 13, 2013 1:22 AM

Hi Friends,

This is StyleToniq. I am new here. I am a Fashion Jewellery lover, onlooker, admirer, collector, exhibitor, drooler, analyser, and now seller. I am from India. India is known for its rich heritage, colorful motifs, warm motifs, cultural fineness. from ancient cave paintings to present fashion divas, jewelleries have been part of Indian culture, a must have for women and men. Over the years I have been collecting loads of fashion jewelleries from different parts of the country, of various materials and style - some are authentic old charm heavy traditional ornaments, some are bohemian, some tribal chic ones, some are fusion, some are extremely futuristic and contemporary. They are done by poor artisans, rural talents out here and small designers. They are made out of what not? Beyong our imagination - Silver, Glass, Stone, Animal bone, Fiber, Wooden, Shells, Terracotta (clay), Beads, Horn I love it all. Advised by many well-wishers and buddies now I wish to share them all with the world; rather unveiling Indian jewellery to the world. Let it be a toniq for your style quotient. 


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Gyspy Mary wrote
on Feb 13, 2013 9:10 PM

Welcome to Beading daiily Forum.

Under Gallerys you will find a place for Readers to share photo's of their own creations. we would love to see items that you have made yourself.

New folks are invited to drop by often, someone is always online

Gyspy Mary

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