Help with continuous warp loom

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ana_ng wrote
on Feb 3, 2013 4:13 PM

I'm attempting to set up a loom with continuous warp thread. It's loom BLW10 from Beadsmith:

I've not used a loom like this before. The instructions included aren't the best. It says to wrap the thread around one of the notches on one of the bars a few times, and then run it along the top and across. Then, wrap the thread around the corresponding notch in the other bar and to continue to work back and forth like that until there are as many warp threads as needed.

In my head, this sounded easy and made sense! But, when I tried it, wrapping around the bars and going back and forth causes every other thread to come out from UNDER the bar - instead of all threads coming from over the top, like they should.


Pardon my sloppy drawing! This is what happened when I followed the directions. There are threads coming from over the top AND coming from under the bar. This means that when you roll the bar to tighten the warp threads, half of them loosen while the other half tighten!

I THINK it should work as if there were several pegs on the bar. If that were the case, I could wrap around them and go back and forth without a problem.


But, there are no pegs on this loom. There are just notches made in the bars. I could feasible wrap around the notches as if they were pegs, it would just be difficult to do that.


I hope this is understandable! Thanks for any help or advice!!

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