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on Jan 19, 2013 2:27 PM

I've been organizing my bead stash, and there are a few things I want to get rid of just  because my taste  & experience  have developed as my hobby progressed.   Then there are  the seed beads....

I currently have very large quantities of 6/0s, large quantities of 8/0s and smaller amounts of 11/0s and 15/0s.

I question the sensibility of having both 6/0s and 8/0s.   Is there good reason to keep both?  Pros and cons please.    Aside from making my husband build me an addition to the house for my beads, i need to reduce......but carefully....

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beadinstyle wrote
on Jan 19, 2013 5:41 PM

I'm wondering how your taste and experience have taken you ... in different directions not involving seed beads? I use seedies in all kinds of things ... kumihimo, macrame, stringing, as well as beadweaving. Even in the little bit of wirework I do. 

So what kind of beading appeals to you now?


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on Jan 19, 2013 6:10 PM

I still use seed beads....I'm looming a tapestry right now.  However, I'm  thinking  to have a collection of both 6 and 8 is reduntant.  The things I'm definitely getting rid of are the bigger glass bicones, glass beads and stff like  that.  I've been much more drawn to FW pearls and stones.

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D.M.Z wrote
on Jan 19, 2013 7:25 PM

Windy, it is h*ll when you run out of space, no? OK, personally, I'd jettison the 6/o size and keep at least a decent stash of 8/o. Eights can be used for spirals, like the wondrous Cellini and if the Cellini calls for 6/o, you can probably drop down to an 8/o. Fifteens are tiny, hold on to all of them in reasonable quantities. I decided that I don't normally need more than 30 grams of even delicas, but since I buy them in 50 gram bags .... well I have either some to sell to the bead society ladies or I hold them in a separate storage place and refill my 30 gram flippies. The bead society ladies like my 5 gram bags because I sell them at my cost, so they get to try them for a good

I have bicones and larger glass beads that have sat here for years!!! I just don't use them very much, nice to have them when the whim strikes me, but only because I have the room for them. I also have a stash of brass filigrees and stampings that have been following me around since the mid 1990's! Sheesh, but those keep on growing in value and I can't seem to part with them. If your beads are Swarovski's, I'd keep them or sell them as premium items, if they are Chinese, put them up on Ebay or somewhere like that and they will go away.

It is great when you finally hit on what you really like to do, I also am primarily a loomer and just fill in with bracelets to match my outfits. My loomwork is done in delicas and sometimes I apply beads to the surface of my work, but those are fairly small ones also.  Donna

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on Jan 19, 2013 8:00 PM

I use the 15/0 instead of knots between pearls....they're the right size and can add a nice sparkle, or make the pearls look more lusterous.

The reason I thought to keep the 6/0s is because I have  60+ colors, while  only about 25 of the 8/0.   Only a half dozen of the 11/0 and 15/0....just the right ones to complement the thread/wire I'm using......what I really need is an addition to the house.....and a sugar daddy to keep me in the luxury of new beads Devil  :)

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