Long Time No See!

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Luv2CUSmile wrote
on Jan 15, 2013 7:51 AM

Hello to all!

I feel I know so many of you so well and unfortunately no one knows me- well a very slight few maybe if they are still here...

I have been beading on and off since before my oldest was born- let's just say since I was a teen. I got quite proficient in my early 20's and began selling various items, at that time the craft shows/fairs were the thing and the only thing just about. I actually do quite a few different mediums of crafting and seem to focus on one or two at a time unfortunately. Unfortunate because that means I almost ignore other things for extended periods of time and when I start working again in a particular medium there are new and different products etc- some that are even discontinued! Aaarghh!

At any rate, I am a mom to 5, wife to one, petkeeper/mama of two...

Our two older boys are in college/in between college (both are looking at military now with 2 and 3 yrs of college behind them- (Grrr... again- So close, can't they just finish their degrees first?- Of course not- they are ready now!- LOL) Seriously, I wish they would complete the 4 yrs but both plan to sign right back in and take classes to finish once they finish their Basic & AIT/Rate training... We can only hope.

Our daughter is 16 and two younger boys, 14 & 11. All with many activities and goals in mind. I also work which makes me a very busy mom! I am at a point though where I would like to get back into doing what I love most and earning from it again. That is the goal, we will see.

Both pets are dogs- No Cats! We have a Kobe (our Shiba Inu) and Buster is our Pomeranian. Buster came from my Dad when he wasn't able to keep him, Kobe we have had since he was born/weaned. They have both just recently turned 5 yrs old and are a month apart in age with Buster being the oldest. An unlikely duo but it works for us around here- LOL

I read the forums often for a time then stay away- mainly, I couldn't get signed in again- e-mail changing and all that- recently found it again- Whew! But also because I like to do more original designs and I know if I see something I will remember it in my subconscious and I don't want the chance that any of my things are overly similar to someone else's. Making for friends or family is fine if it is a style or piece that really grabs me (or rather, that I think will "grab them") but I like to be unique, original, and different. One day maybe I will have that Ah-Ha moment and find that I am the first to truly do something! LOL (Yes, even with staying off beading sites I find many similarities between pieces I do and things I see later)- I guess that also comes from doing this for so long... A peyote with a "twist" in crystals and charms AND a peyote with a "twist" in pearls and some shells added ... well, looks like a peyote with a "twist"- LOL

Great to have found my way back in here- Not sure how much I will post (I read the forum from my kindle mostly and for some reason can not post or reply to this forum from my kindle as I do other forums)-

I hope to be around a bit, find some great sources of new supplies, some great friends to share and bounce ideas off of, and once again get back into the swing of things as full time as will be possible for me.


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Handcrafted wrote
on Jan 15, 2013 8:45 AM

Welcome back. I am very new here but have enjoyed reading ever-ones comments and looking at all there lovely creations there are some beautiful pieces of handmade beaded jewellery that are a credit to everyone.  With all that going on I can understand why you do not have lots of spare timeBut I hope to see you around in here


Handmade jewellery designs found here


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Valbeads wrote
on Jan 16, 2013 2:52 AM

Heidy-ho, neighbor! and welcome back to the forum.  I think I recall seeing your handle on some older posts; I've been here going on a couple years now.  I have 2 furry children of my own, both Westies; Zoe, who's 8, and little brother Mac, who's 7.  As Westies tend to be very long-lived, they're both still pretty young.  I also have 5 nieces, the eldest of whom is my goddaughter.

Hope you'll share piccys on the Reader's Showcase!  TTFN!




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