1st peyote attempt

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tcwhit wrote
on Jan 10, 2013 9:31 PM

So, this is my first attempt at a peyote bracelet. Not sure i'm going to finish it 'cuz I really hate the lite brown (looks like a washed out pink, I think) and kind of screwed up the pattern a bit. But if I wanted to, how would you add an edging of some sort? Would it make it mis-shapen?

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D.M.Z wrote
on Jan 10, 2013 10:35 PM

TC, it looks better than my first peyote bracelet, that's for sure (mine totally fell apart when I accidently cut a thread). There is a slight error in the pattern in the center, but just call it artistic........... An edging for this would probably be a simple picot stitch. If you consider keeping this, I'd make a small round or square and sew it onto the center where the oopsie in the pattern is........and call it good. Donna

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WrapNBeads wrote
on Jan 11, 2013 6:48 PM

I keep all my 'first'.  I've got them displayed all together so I can remember.  I give you praise, all my first took a lot of heart, patience, and time.  They are now a remembrance of my beginning.  I love it!!  

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