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tabbytiger wrote
on Jan 9, 2013 9:21 PM

Hi  I am trying to contact a  REAL person within your organisation regarding the non delivery of TWO magazines that I have subscribed to . I am a liitle PEEVED to say the least that I persistantly get emails from you asking me to subscribe , yet when I do I do not get what I ordered and paid for Some 2 MONTHS ago. My Ticket number is 122400. I have sent 4 emails requesting A LIVE person deal with this, and tell me where my magazines are and why are they not here. Yet all I seem to get is a computer generated "Dear Valuved Customer" email that does not acknowlage me (use my name anywhere in the email) and is condesending to the point of Smugness  in its responce.  Please can a Real Person not a computer generated BRYAN MORTON actually respond to me . I know that all the emails I have got from your  organisation are computer program generated as not one has actually address me or my issue , but has used  an insulting obsequious form letter to totally and utterly ignore me and what  I would like resolved . You know I actually belived that this company is / was a bit more advanced than this and that your customers were trully valued. I've yet to experience this first hand. I hope by feeding into this blog I can get a responce that is relevent to my complaint and resolves my complaint .But then again may be  I am only A "VALUED CUSTOMER " in words not in any other true measuable sense... How so very very sad....

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SCB1 wrote
on Jan 11, 2013 5:27 PM

Tabby tiger, the best way to a response is to go to the above. See where it says Magazines, put your courser over the top of that word. Now slide down and click on Beadwork. The nice box that comes up, scroll down and on the right side of the page midway down, you will see My Subscription, click on that. Now a new box will pop up. See where it says account information  click on that. A new box will pop up, click on sign in by address. another new box, fill in your name and address. that click on sign in. Now the important part will pop up giving you the details of your subscription. On the left side you will see where it says contact customer service. a new box will pop up. in this box type in the problem you are having. I did this when I didn't receive a magazine and I heard from them within a couple of days, and the problem was solved.

Good luck.  

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