My First Time Being a Vendor at a Bead Show! Help!

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on Jan 6, 2013 1:01 AM

Hi!  I am a new member here on Beading Daily, but I've read a few posts and it looks like their are some really helpful people here!

I currently sell finished jewelry and some beads online, but I am going to be a first time vendor at a bead show coming up in April.   I would really love some input so that I can have a great first time, sell through some inventory, and make some money to reinvest!

First question:  What kind of beads and supplies are in most demand right now?

Right now I have Picasso beads, Czech seed beads in size 6 and 10, some fire polished Czech beads, and some finished jewelry to showcase the beads.  I am seriously thinking about purchasing a wholesale lot of Recycled Sari Ribbon in a few different colors, but separating it into smaller portions better for jewelry making.  I've also thought about purchasing a good variety of components like ear wires, charms, bead caps, etc.  

I would love to also have a great selection of gemstones and pearls, but I'm not sure I can afford to invest into before the first show.  I already have a pretty good variety of Picasso beads so I'll just be getting some more to supplement that.  

What other kinds of beads or supplies would you like to see at a bead show?

Thanks in advance!


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oceansgurlie wrote
on Jan 8, 2013 6:56 PM

I just spent this past weekend working at show and selling supplies!  :)  Our big sellers that always sell out fast are the basic staple findings like eyepins, headpins, split rings, earwires, etc.  I noticed that all of the vendors were selling a ton of unique beads, but nobody was selling the findings to make the beads into actual jewelry, so people always stopped by our booth to grab those things after buying their beads from other vendors.

I hope that helps!

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