I think, everyone should be required to give infomation about themselves.

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Luv2CUSmile wrote
on Jan 15, 2013 1:00 PM

Being back.. re-new-ed... etc after all these years, I too, have to comment on bio's and pics- I did add a bit to my bio but I am also the type that feels I do want the people I hang with to know a bit about me rather than reading it in posts- I don't put a lot in a bio because I -and I don't call it paranoid- rather - I am very careful... There are far too many ways that even the most basic internet user can get information and use it in so many malicious ways.

Facebook and the "alternate identity" is just one that is so very simple for a person to do... About 15 years ago I had my paypal account hacked- many people did- that was a nightmare in itself. We changed everything including our actual bank- not just the account #'s.

I have a facebook to watch my kids, I rarely am on it but I do enjoy connecting with a few family members through it as well as old HS/college friends- It is all private and I only sign on when I see a message in my (other e-mail) that I want to go take a look at- I do have a pic of myself on it, again though- no one can see unless they can get to my page. I don't post multiple pics and discourage our kids from doing so as well.

If you have pre-teens/teens that you allow to have accounts on facebook, youtube, skype, etc please watch them... also for their future employment endeavors. Everyone googles everyone nowadays. I am in a supervisory position and we even google people who apply to see what type people they are before hiring. In many occupations though, depending on what is out there about you publicly can get you kicked out of the running for a great position. Especially your teens- have them to be mindful of that- Also have them tell their friends not to "tag" them or have their info available to "the world"... Very bad today compared to even 20 yrs ago let alone 40 yrs ago- Technology has come a long way and so many people use it for evil.


I have also been victimized in real life... & I do call it victimized- someone used my name when stopped by a cop for something many many years ago- (like 14 yrs now)- We had moved and upon returning nothing had changed that I knew of... about 2 yrs ago a guy rear-ended me and during that issue I was told I didn't have a valid license.. long story short- due to the time no one could get any information other than the incident # and my name although spelled incorrectly- I had to fix the issue- It eventually worked out in my favor with quite a bit of hassle and about $50- in tracking down things and then getting a "re-issued" license... really strange that even our insurance company had no record of it but again, since "it wasn't me" I imagine that is why it wasn't attached to my record. Main thing being is that there is no way of knowing who did this to me... or why- 


With that said, I may put a pic up- not sure of me or my work... maybe my dogs, LOL

I do add my state because if someone knows of some great resources here- TELL ME! I really try not to speak too much on personal things publicly... after getting to familiarize myself with someone until I am completely comfortable then privately I may share some things. I have made a total of 4 internet friends in all my years on the web that I got to know enough that we eventually got together... It was the greatest thing ever! I have been out of touch with them the last few years and it hurts. My life here got so busy and convoluted with things... I have been hunting them down for awhile but aside from showing up on their doorsteps one day, I have been unsuccessful.

Caution is always best and yes, as others mentioned, even in this community the spammers and scammers infiltrate- It's like people don't have enough to do in their life than prey on others. What causes someone to just come in and join only to post lewd comments or add bad pics is beyond my comprehension. All we can do is be careful and report what is able to be reported, avoid what is offensive or against us, and continue to educate the best we can.

I don't frequent social sites for that reason mainly. I do love to converse with people who have similar interests to mine and I am a real social butterfly so to speak in real life... I love reading forums and even blogs but I really try to hold back a bit due to "others" who read and try to gain enough info to do anything bad.

What a world we live in!



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wmweeza wrote
on Mar 16, 2013 6:50 PM

With how many stalkers are out there, also consider there is a reason some women use aliases and just post pics of jewelry. I wouldn't want my ex to know what I look like today, where I live, or even what my new name is

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