How to "stiffen" up part of a bracelet?

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NatalieH@16 wrote
on Dec 2, 2012 5:34 PM

I just made the Button-Up Bracelet by Leslie Frazier that is in the current (Dec 2012/Jan 2013) issue, and it turned out gorgeous! However, I used size 8/0 beads instead of the peanut beads, only because I had size 8/0 that I've been looking for the perfect pattern to use with, and this was it. The only problem is that the flower, that also serves as part of the clasp, is really floppy. It may be because I'm really bad at right angle weave, but I suspect that it's because this wasn't designed with size 8/0 beads in mind.

I've read somewhere that people use some sort of floor wax to stiffen things up, but I not sure if that is correct, or if it was in a bad nightmare that I had. Any suggestions? I've tried sewing through the piece again, and it's still loose. It looks great, but it's for my Mom, who tends to talk with her hands. That beautiful flower will be flopping in the wind!

Any help is most appreciated!


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D.M.Z wrote
on Dec 2, 2012 6:33 PM

Natalie, I do not think that floor wax will help you out at all, it may give it a tiny bit of stiffness, but the first time mom gestures, it will weaken and flop. Did you use the 6# Fireline? OK, starting from there, I'd first make a second flower out of a filigree disk and attaching it to the back of the floppy flower, stitching all the way around. You will have to snip out the center and possibly a "path" to the center to fit it onto the existing flower and it's attachment to the bracelet base. Then stitch the floppy flower to the filigree flower and call it good. If you do this, make sure to smooth any edges where you've cut, but this is what I'd do for that problem.

As you already are aware the flower needed the peanut and probably partially for the support it would give. If you can do some really tight raw work, use 8# or 10# line in your size 8's and make another flower which if it comes out more rigid could be stitched onto the front of the floppy one. I suspect it will not be a workable solution though because you said you are really bad a raw stitch.

Also, if you have to buy a piece of filigree or a spool of heavier line, maybe it would just be easier to buy enough peanuts to make a new flower and jettison that old one...... Hope one of these ideas will help you out. Donna


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