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D.M.Z wrote
on Nov 27, 2012 1:05 PM

OK is the scoop on boxers, they are very BRIGHT and you can see the "wheels" turning in their brains to figure out how to get what they want. They are a high energy dog, but they do learn well and with two they play with each other. Once trained they are wonderful companions and yes they do "talk" to us like at dinner time, walkie time, snack time.........other than that they are outdoors being nosy about what the neighbors are doing. They are fantastic watch dogs, they watch and if the person/car/whatever warrants human intervention they will bark.

My two are the big male with the chocolate ear, Zito, who weighs in at about 90# now that he has been on a diet, and is 7-1/2 years old. The female (eye patch) is Jolie B and she weighs in at 80# and is coming up to her 5th birthday at the end of January. They are both large, Zito is half German pedigree and being white seems to increase size. White is not an allowable color so neither can be shown in conformation, but can do agility or obedience. They are not hyper, we have seen hyper boxers who were that way all their lives, they were badly bred by backyard breeders. Most boxers settle into an active but not hyper life after about a year or so.

I know, more than you needed to know, but I am always happy to educate someone who is thinking about having one in their lives. I would not be without one (or two or three) as my life would be very empty and sad. They are clowns and silly and Zito loves, just loves to be a lap dog.........does that image bring laughter? It should. I have a small boudoir chair in my bead cave and Jolie will come in to "help me bead" and she'll get in that chair and roll up and grunt as it is not really her size at all, but she is there none-the-less. My pal Jolie, who was a terror growing up. Donna

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SCB1 wrote
on Nov 28, 2012 1:16 PM

Your boxers really regal looking! Love them.

I also love boxers, as I had one growing up. As a teen and having a young driving teen boyfriend, my boxer came through the screen door to my rescue. The then young so be boyfriend was upset with me, because who knows now, had from his car reached out and grabbed my wrist. Wrong  thing to do with Dobs watching from the inside of the door. In one second, he was out that door and with front  paws on the tops of the window and head inside the car window, showing his teeth, and a better let her go growl.  Come to think of it that was the end of that boyfriend. HaHa. 

When you mention Zito loving to be a lap dog, it reminded me of Dobs. He would sit on the lap of anyone that would allow him to do so, and once there he wanted their undivided attention, pet me, pet me. LOL

Thanks for the flashback it just makes me smile to remember back so many years to my friend Dobs. The name Dobs was the first letters of his registered name, backwards, Sir Barron Oz Devin. 

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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D.M.Z wrote
on Nov 28, 2012 1:35 PM

Sue, so very many people grew up with boxers, they ARE perfect for kids and teens too. Dobs was doing his job and good riddance to that young man....LOL.

Jolie will sit in "her" chair in my bead cave for hours. I get up and exercise once an hour, but I can tell her to stay because I'll be back and she just grunts and goes back to sleep.......... Right now she is doing her "Salvador Dali" imitation hanging over the side arm of the chair, she is so far asleep.

I am in the mode of finishing up old UFO (unfinished objects) right now. Got about four of them out and in contempative position on my desk. My eye surgery is scheduled for just before Christmas, so I should be able to devote more hours to detail work after that. My new cell phone case is in that pile as it needs to be sewn up and I'll have to do it with black Fireline and that is the devil for me to work with right now. My orange challenge bracelet needs more fringe........LOL, everything needs more fringe IMHO and then a clasp. Originally I had a brass cuff blank in it, but that was a bit much and it didn't sit right for the pattern, so out it came and a regular clasp will go on it, probably either magnetic (I just got some ridiculously strong ones from FMG) or one of those little snap links.

To keep this related to the memory wire subject, one of my UFO's is a memory wire bracelet that was also part of the orange challenge. I put a resin flower button on it along with the beads and it was a mistake as it is all floppy. So I have to either find a bead that will fit inside the button hole and get glued in to hold it, or take it off completely or attache it to some filigree............that needs some thought. Take care. Donna

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