adding string to existing string line

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rosyjazz wrote
on Nov 6, 2012 10:30 PM

I want to make a 22" single needle RAW necklace. I know I will be unable to work with that much fireline. How do I add another amount of fireline to the existing line? I tried a square knot. I either did something wrong, or I am using the wrong knot....

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D.M.Z wrote
on Nov 7, 2012 1:30 AM

Rosyjazz, a surgeon's knot would be the right one to use, Then take the ends and weave them back through your work and as you work them in do a few half hitches along the way. I usually try to work with a shorter length until I get some of the base done in RAW, then from there on out I go with almost 2 yards which is as much as I can pull through without having to pull twice. That way I don't have many knots to deal with. A lot depends on the size beads too, larger beads or rather beads with larger holes will need more weaving through and knots. You'll be able to judge that best. Have fun. Donna

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Sharon Mc wrote
on Nov 7, 2012 1:52 AM

Hello Rosy, I hope you're not too discouraged! I use square knots to add more line with my fireline all the time. I think perhaps, it might be the way you are adding the new length of fireline. You can't just tie the two together and keep working. I remove the needle from the thread approx 4 inches before it is ended and put it on a new length of fireline. I then go back a few inches in my work and weave the new length in making square knots every few stitches until I catch up to where I left off. I usually make three square knots with about an inch of weaving between each knot. Then I can continue weaving onto new territory. Later on I go back and weave in the 4 inches of tail I had left over. I hope this helps. Of course this is a generalization, and each situation is different. If you don't understand what I do I can try to explain in a different way.

Sharon Mc 


Oops! I did not see Donna's post when I ventured my opinion. It's late at night and I am ditzy, wheeeeeee. 

I defer to Donna's experience and seniority on this subject. I tried it delete my post, but the dang thing wouldn't let me. My apologies.  (If you could see my face it would be red with embarrassment)

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shanks wrote
on Nov 7, 2012 10:02 AM

This method is what I use, not very sophicated , but seems to work without problems. Use the surgeons knot, trim the ends fairly close, lay the knot over your finger, using a lighter, singe the ends to make tiny balls. This can be done without burning the line on either side. The FireLine will curl before you burn your finger. If you are burning your finger you are holding the flame on too long, way past the curling of the ends.

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