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Aunty Akoya wrote
on Dec 8, 2012 8:09 AM

I would never have guessed you were German, you "speak" wonderful ?American, ?English  (these days I don't know what to call what "I" speak--It's certainly not what the Brits speak, which is where English came from, so I guess "I" speak Amemrican.  Whatever you are learning, you "speak it like a native!) 

Really like a native? :oD that is good, because i think lots of the time i mess up the grammar, but as long as i can make myself understandable:)). well i pick up vocabulary from american and english and mixing it, i noticed i confuse the spellings, but i don't mind it. Only if i do translation for someone i watch out for it.

Do you have a date set yet?  I can't wait to hear all about the wedding.  Do you have an account on Facebook? 

we haven't got a date yet, but its our sure plan for the next 2 years, it will be difficult to get the right time of the year, because we have our relatives in England and Germany who all want to come. From Facebook i stay away, i don't trust the site anymore. But when it is the time i maybe post a photo here, as well because Beadflowers Katie just inspired me to make my own wedding bouquet with her new book in french beading (have a look in the readers showcase). If i can make it so pretty as she does, then i have got to show off with it of course :).

Do you find that your crochet gives you inspiration for your beading

When i was younger i did crocheting with wool, but not anymore, i am very focused on beading now... actually it is the beads and pearls that give the inspiration and what gorgeous things i see from other beaders, thats giving me the kick to try a lot. i found with simple chain stitch crocheting a way to do lovley bracelets, i just try to do it with more beads in every loop, so that it curls like a spiral, so even with tigertail its getting elastic and looking full. This and the famous crocheting with seedbeads is the only one i can do so far. This is a photo of my favorite with the chain stitch crocheting (hope its the right words).

To sew the own clothes would be very handy and lovley, i would love that like you, i am into romantic cloth too, i so love it a bit nostalgic and oldish. I am not sure if the germans are better in that, can't be, but i am content and don't spend much money in clothes, i pimp up my simple outfits with beads jewellery :).... though your country must have every thing someone could dream of :), that how it seems for me.

Well, enough non-bead chit chat.  They will kick me off. 

:)) i would wonder, i think chit chat is welcome here, nobody told me off so far for sometimes beeing a chatterbox.

Greetings Aunty Akoya

(Cya for SeeYou i said just for the try to be extra cool and native speaking, well it didn't work out :oD, so you and beadiecat thought its my nickname)


May the beads be with you!

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Valbeads wrote
on Dec 8, 2012 1:35 PM

Guten tag, Akoya! (at least it is here!)

I want your bracelet!   Whaaaaaa!Crying  It's lovely; danke for sharing!

Auf Wiedersien!

Fraulein Val




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ottercat wrote
on Dec 8, 2012 7:30 PM

Hi Aunty Akoya,

Love the bracelet!

Not too keen on Facebook either.  Heard too many problems about it.  Getting set-up for Skype instead.

Nothing wrong with being a 'chatterbox'; I enjoy reading -- lifts my spirits.  Thank you.

I understood what Cya (see you) meant; similar to Later, but nicer.

Hi Stubblytroll -- you're doing fine.

Ottercat Coffee

12-08-12 (1729 PDT)

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.  ~ Oscar Wilde

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