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Tank Girl wrote
on Sep 20, 2012 4:42 PM

I would love to hear where our members prefer to get their supplies and inventory.  No store names necessary, unless you want to,  just if you do your best shopping on-line, local store, mail-order, etc.  Any special reasons or experiences would be very helpful, and not just for me!  I have had great and awful experiences with everyone from E-Bay, to local shops, to catalogs, to art and craft fairs.

I've heard horror stories about web sites that I had a very good experience with, and vice versa.  So... let us know, how do you shop?



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sydnejo wrote
on Sep 21, 2012 2:29 AM

Fire mountain and artbeads are always great, so is bobbis this n that on etsy and stacys jewelry supply, I love lustrious things on etsy too... I never had a bad experience yet but would love to hear where others get specialty beads... thanks for the great beading resource on beading daily!  www.sydnejo.etsy.com

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deangrandma wrote
on Oct 4, 2012 11:40 AM

Well, I like several  sites....Vita Beads has a great selection,  happy Mango Beads is one of my favs and the occasional trip to Micheal's or Joann's in a pinch.



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Beadiecat wrote
on Apr 18, 2013 4:21 PM

For Miyuki beads, I LOVE Foxden Designs. The selection is huge, prices are good, and I always receive my order within 2 days.


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on Apr 20, 2013 3:47 PM

I like the sellers on Esty a lot!  They usually include a  little gift bag of some things I've been wanted to try but couldn't order yet. That makes me a repete customer! I just love them. Good group.


Orders from China on ebay are an excellent price, but I have waited 6 to 7 weeks for most orders.

Recently, I went to place a well thought about order, with a budget in hand,  with Fire Mountain Gems. They raised their prices drastically on Swarovski crystals and Swarovski glass beads.  I had to hang up, stop crying and rethink  my order, and  I called back.   It sucked and I still feel awful.


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Beadiecat wrote
on Apr 25, 2013 9:41 AM

Miss Briar Rose, if you place your FMG order through Jet Beads, you will always get the 200+ discount level price. That may help a bit.


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on Apr 26, 2013 10:08 PM

I normally buy from our Aussie vendors. I have thought of buying from FMG but was told it was very expensive to ship an order. I have 4 fave shops, that I like, so I stick with them.

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armellamea wrote
on Apr 27, 2013 12:41 AM

I always do on-line shopping. I prefere Beads Direct.



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