Help! Need ideas for displaying long necklaces!

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Vfountain77 wrote
on Jul 5, 2012 9:30 AM

I've been participating in a weekly local market with my bead jewelry, and so far have only brought bracelets with me, but this week I've made some necklaces and have NO idea how to display them. I need some dirt-cheap, DIY ideas, because I can't afford expensive stands or craft supplies. Our set up is just a table, so there's nothing I can lean a display against, it has to be free-standing. My necklaces are about 16.5" long... I've already looked into pasta drying racks, and they aren't long enough. I tried a piece of foam board bent in half (hung the necklaces from pushpins), and it looked great, but it's a bit too weeble-wobbly (we get some pretty strong breezes sometimes). Help! Any ideas, throw them at me!

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KristieJ3 wrote
on Jul 5, 2012 2:05 PM

There are lots of idea's on the net if you do a search, I'm trying but I can't remember them at the moment - I'm fighting the beginning of a migraine, ugh. Just type in cheap or free necklace displays and you'll find 100's.

I do remember one using cardboard, it was actually pretty neat and I wanted to use it but haven't had the chance yet:
Search celebrity images (the website I saw used Audrey Hepburn I think) - you'll need a large picture that fits the page, cut the face out, glue it to the cardboard and cut that image out - use the 'scrap' cardboard to make the back stand. They also had an alternate version of just painting the cardboard.
Just make sure to use thick cardboard and not the thin, weak stuff and it should do okay since you're only putting one necklace on it...

Another one is to use a tie rack or hanger if you have someplace to hang it.

I've found a lot of my jewelry displays at garage sales and flea markets - along with beading supplies in general! If you have the chance try that. My grandmother found me this great metal rack at a flea market for $4. It sort of looks like an old department store necklace rack, it holds a lot of necklaces, even the super long ones I make! 

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yumemiru wrote
on Jul 5, 2012 2:50 PM

Another DIY option I particularly like has been pretty popular on the Internet...picture frames with pieces of window screening/chicken wire/etc. in them. :) I don't think I can post a direct link, but just Google picture frame jewelry display and I'm sure you can find instructions and pictures. Just make sure to get frames that will be big enough for your necklaces and have stands on the back. :)

Or, there's always a corkboard stand with pushpins. You could even glue tiny flat-back crystals to the pushpins to make them prettier. :)

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wmweeza wrote
on Jul 7, 2012 2:36 AM

Cardboard, scissors, fabric and a shoestring or twine...and an hour of your time to make

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Vfountain77 wrote
on Jul 16, 2012 10:06 AM

Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I had tried using a large cork board, but couldn't find anything to hold it up (plate holders weren't strong enough), and it was big and cumbersome to carry around. I also tried a pack of the black velour cardboard necklace displays, but they blew over in the slightest breeze (our market is outdoors) and took up a lot of room, so I couldn't display more than half a dozen or so necklaces at a time. So I wasted about $20 on those ideas alone.

After going crazy browsing through online ideas, thrift shops, and more, I suddenly found the perfect thing - at the Dollar Store, no less ($4). It was a wire plant stand! Can't find an exact picture, but it looks a lot like this, only in white: My display table is black, and I thought the white contrast would look tacky, so I used some acrylic paint that I had on hand to paint it black. I bought a little box of office clips for $.88 and I just clip the necklaces around the top, so it's like a necklace carousel display - really cool! Holds about 12 necklaces at once. I'm just going to stand it up behind the trays that display my bracelets. FINALLY found something easy and cheap to use! Wanted to pass the idea along :)

I also was displaying my bracelets in little baskets, which was cute, and I know some people say customers enjoy picking through a lot of items, but I felt like it wasn't eye-catching enough as people were passing by. So I went to the local Goodwill and snatched up any silver metal tray I could find; got about 5 of them, in all different shapes and sizes. I laid them out on the table at home, to see how they looked, and loved it! Spread my bracelets out and thought they looked much more appealing than being jumbled up together in a basket. I can always find other uses for the baskets, since I LOVE baskets :)



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on Aug 1, 2012 6:25 PM

I have the perfect thing for long necklaces! The Roxsee Jewelry Hanger - you'll love it! Check it out at It comes in black and pink!

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fjeanene wrote
on Aug 2, 2012 1:21 AM

Dollar stores and second hand stores usually have a selection of picture frames. If you grd a double one will stand up on its own sometimes you can find them with a stand on the back. I use cup hooks,drawer pulls,decortive stick pins in wood ones or use simple gorilla or super glue on anything from kids wood blocks,drawer pulls without the screw, thread spols or even small rocks glue onto the frames walla! neclace hangers

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