Ebooks versus print books

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on Oct 20, 2012 5:03 PM


I know this thread is  several months old but I just noticed it. Been knitting, not beading and haven't been keeping up with the forum. Naughty.

Although I love books, I really love ebooks too. I live in Australia and buying books from overseas plus postage then waiting weeks is not something I do very often.  I recently bought a pattern from someone in England who refused to create a pdf. The postage cost more than the pattern.

Like several other people, I want to print the patterns.  I've used the printscreen method to print something from an ebook - not the best but, at least I don't have to sit in front of a computer to bead. I didn't print the whole book - just one pattern I wanted. Authors are only fooling themselves by not offering a print option.

Recently bought a knitting 'magazine'. The file was enormous unlike the usual magazines via Zinio etc. But. There is an option to print a pdf of the patterns. I like that.

By the way,  I'm 64 - you don't have to be young to enjoy technology - grin. Have a PC, netbook, e-reader and an iPhone. My sister is trying to convince me to buy an iPad too.  Love the convenience of her iPad - do I really need another gadget? My handbag weighs a ton now and I just know I'd take the iPad on the train to work.

Hope your book is selling well. Can we see a link to it please? I know some people who would love peyote cakes.


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on Oct 22, 2012 4:17 PM

I've just come back to this post - I'd almost forgotten I started it! It's really great to see it's generated so much discussion.

I still haven't invested in a kindle, ipad or any other such technology, so I'm still looking at this from the writing perspective. However, I did take on board all the likes and dislikes. The publisher I'm working with is here in the UK and my two books (wedding bouquets is due out first, then the miniature cakes later on) will both be available for download from the website and also on CD. They will be printable - I think that's so important...I really hate working from a computer screen whatever I'm doing, so I have to confess to printing out everything I want to use or check properly (just been doing a lot of proofing!). I think the downlaod option though is also good as it saves the postage problem. Having just upgraded my website, I was so pleased to be able to offer patterns as PDFs for download. I just don't understand why someone would refuse to do that...if they're worried about copyright, well it's just as easy to photocopy or scan a piece of paper as it is to print a dozen copies of a PDF. We all have to rely on trust and honesty and in my experience, most beaders are lovely people!

I don't have publication dates for either of my ebooks yet, but I will let you know when they come out and there will be more info on my website for anyone who want's to take a look. beadflowers.co.uk

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