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on Feb 21, 2012 2:10 PM


Has anyone had experience with updating and/or reinstating (to a new computer) Jewelry Designer Manage Pro software ?

I am wondering if anyone has had technical difficulties when updating and transferring your original data? 

I have sought support from the company, but, due to my limited computer skills I am not understanding the instructions. I have spent hours trying to get the program updated with my "old" data.

I purchased the program years ago, three computers and three updates of Microsoft Windows ago. I have purchased updates/maintenance from the JDMPro company both last year and just recently. I am running MS Windows 7.

If anyone has had similiar problems I would be curious. I wonder if it is just me not able to follow the instructions or have other artists had challenges with the updates?

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate any information you might be able to share. I did love using the original version of the program and had no problems until updating and transferring data. I would like to keep using the program- even if I need to just use the original JDM Pro. The original is a bit "clunky" but has been very helpful.

Thanks you in advance for your time and help,

Rebecca Smith

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