Wire substitutions for "ear wire evolution" (page 38 in Feb/Mar issue 2012)

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kasi1983 wrote
on Jan 23, 2012 4:58 AM

Hello everybody,

Loving simple jewelry, I'm planning to make these earrings mentioned in the subject.

My problem is, that the project calls for 18 gauge fine silver wire...

18 gauge just isn't comfortable for my ears, it's too thick. I can only wear up to 20 gauge.

Now there is the next problem: I'm not able to get  20 gauge fine silver wire here in Europe (I've stopped ordering from overseas, always a struggle with customs).
What I can get is either 20 gauge argentium wire or 21 gauge fine silver.

What would you recommend?
I have heard about people having problems with argentium not being fusable (although it should) or devoloping firescale (although it shouldn't), so I'd rather tend to use the 21 gauge fine silver. But can this gauge be hardened enough (by tumbling) for this kind of ear wires?

Looking forward to read your opinions.

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kasi1983 wrote
on Jan 25, 2012 3:20 AM

Never mind....
After 3 more hours of googling I found a very small european supplier that carries 20 gauge fine silver.

A tip for all others who are having trouble getting fine silver: look for metal clay suppliers! They offer more of this stuff than 'standard' jewelry making suppliers

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