something to smile about, it is called " I AM FINE '

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on Jan 3, 2012 2:00 PM
there's nothing whatever the matter with me , I am healthy as I can be, I have ar thritis in both my e knee and when I talk, I talk with a wheeze, my pulse is weak and my blood is thin, but I am awfully w ell for the shape I AM IN......I thi nk my liver is out of whack,and a terrible pain in my back, my hearing is poor , my sight is dim ,most everything seems to be out of trim, but I am avewfully well for the shape I AM IN.......I have arch supports for both my feet , or I would not to be able to on street, sleeplessnes I have nig ht after night, and in the morning I am just a sight !! my memory is failing , my head is in a spin , I am peacefully living on aspirin, but I am awfully well for the shape I AM IN .......the moral is , as this tale we unfold , that for you and me who are growing old , it is better to say ' I AM FINE ' with a grin , that to let them know the shape I AM IN ....... , .I was at my doctor office and read this in a magazine , and I copied .
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