Sculpture - Image Heavy!

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OriginalSin wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 6:02 AM

Hello Everyone,

I'm a beader who took the sculpture route 3 years ago, and these are some of my past works.

Sorry to anyone who has seen the photos - the subject matter is the same, but I took new pics, hopefully a bit better. There is a vessel that very few have seen, and I just finished a sculpture yesterday - I think it will be needing its own thread...but I don't want to hog! It's just that if I put everything here someone might get slowed down - too many images. goes....we'll start with Nemo's Nightmare. He has a fully fucntional 3 beam LED light concealed in the "tube" on his head. My interpretation of a deep-sea angler fish:


Next up, we have the octopus - namely Blue-Ringed Octopus, no bigger than a golf ball in real-life, but one of the most poisonous creatues on the face of the planet:


Next up, Sanctuary. The theme of this sculpture is the old saying "Home is where the Heart is":

Lastly, a vessel which was published in a German beading magazine. This is Equinox Geopod:

I just have the nagging feeling everyone has already been there, done that with these photos (except for the vessel) apologies!!!!! I'll wait a few days before posting the new sculpture.

Thanks for your patience everybody! Zip it!


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Ricki Ayer wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 6:31 AM

Andrea - these are absolutely fantastic - amazing...can't find enough words to say how spectacular these are.  Thanks you so much for sharing.  I love them all but I think my fav is the octopus - the feeling of movement of the tentacles...just great - as are all of the others. 


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quekpeggy wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 6:52 AM

This is simply breathtaking. You are just so talented, and patient too.  They are really fantastic eye-opener.

Thank you for sharing.


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SCB1 wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 6:59 AM

Wow, these are great. What vision you have into the vast world of beading. I could only wish I would every be able to create something so spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Beading!

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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SEllen 2 wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 9:22 AM

"I just have the nagging feeling everyone has already been there, done that with these photos (except for the vessel) apologies!!!!! "


Surprise I haven't seen these before... and I think they are Fantstic!

Thanks for sharing & Keep 'em coming.

 sellen Smile

southwest Texas USA


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on Oct 11, 2011 9:31 AM
Andrea those pieces are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! as a beginner beader I will never get tired of seeing your work, or for that matter other peoples work of art , there are a lot of talented beaders in this forum and without a doubt you are one of them. KEEP SHARING PLEASE .
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Beadiecat wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 10:34 AM

I never get tired of seeing them.  Even the ones I've seen before, I can see something new each time I look at them beause there is so much detail.

These must take you forever to make!  But well worth it, I can see what a labor of love they are for you.

Did you take these with your new lightbox?  The colors came out really nice.  I have a lot of trouble getting the colors to show correctly in my photos, even with my lightbox.

I'm looking forward to seeing the newest sculpture!


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lasexybuda wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 10:40 AM

Wow, that are gorgeous. I love them all.

Thanks for sharing

Irene from the enchanted Island

Irene from the enchanted Island

Happy beading!

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OriginalSin wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 12:24 PM

You people are all too kind!

Before I say anything else I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been looking through pages and pages of work in this section of the forum and have seen absolutely incredible work. What a treat! There are so many things I love and I wish I could leave a comment for each, but dang....there's alot of awesome stuff there! A forum please know that I love and appreciate what everyone else is doing, and I'll participate with much pleasure in the oooohing and aaaahhhing from here on in!

That being said....thank you sincerely once again!

Ricki, thank you both for the compliments and the feedback! The octopus took the longest to make and was the most....gnarly. Not an easy critter. I made him for Bead Dreams 2009  and he was rejected. I prefer to think he decided to reject Bead Dreams Stick out tongue

Peggy, thank you so much for the compliments!

To Sue - I looked at your blog and I see no reason why you couldn't do something like this. For sure you have the beading skills! The construction is all just plain creative thinking, nothing too far out about it. Each of my sculptures is an experiment - nobody taught me how to do this, I just plunged in and winged it. I have no idea if my sculptures will look like I imagine them until they're done. Takes some courage, but worth it....and I like the thrill.

Sellen, I'm glad I have something new  for some) to share, and thanks for the encouragement! I have this other new sculpture waiting in the wings for show and tell so I'll have more to share soon. The truth is that usually months go by before I have any new work to post. The combination of a new forum and a just-completed sculpture makes me seem like a very prolific beader. I would be if I didn't spend so much time on each project.

alciragimenez - I'm very flattered, thank you! I was a beginner too just 6 years ago, and I am still learning. I found out that even with a few years of experience under your belt, you will always admire and be impressed by the work of other artists. I can spend hours looking through pages of Google Image results for "beadwork", "beaded", "bead weaving" and every possible variation thereof....just for the beauty of it all. YOU KEEP SHARING TOO! It's important to share your work because your work is important, regardless of your skill level.

To Cat - you have always done wonders for my ego Big Smile. Thank you for the million times you have seen and commented my work....and thank you is reductive. Yes, I took the pics in the new lightbox (all but the Sanctuary sculpture), but as you can see I didn't take out any time to play with lighting setup, camera settings and all the rest. My photos are better, but not yet up to par and won't be until I decide to sacrifice an hour of beading time to devote myself to the camera/lightbox thing. I also want to know how on earth to remove the creases in the backdrop from being folded? Arghhhhhh!!!

Irene, thank you very much! I'm new welcome to the forums! You're going to love it here.....Smile

Have a great evening all!

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Wolfykwe wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 1:49 PM

These are absolutely fantastic!!  My fave is definitely the octopus.  I absolutely agree with the comment about movement.  I can't believe he got rejected!!  I am completely taken with the creativity of the Sanctuary sculpture.  What fantastic creative representation of a common saying that nobody ever really thinks of anymore!  It breaths new life into it.  I bet you could probably make an adaptation of that piece to create a beautiful cuff... wearable art, I say.  I love that you installed a light in that beast from the depths!  It makes me think fuzzy thoughts about my husband, as that's the kind of thing he likes to do.  Adding lights and electronics to all sorts of items.  I know.. that one is a bit off page, but that's the way of art, isn't it?  We go to an art gallery and each piece invokes different thoughts and feelings for each person viewing it.  That vessel is an architectural marvel!  It looks so top heavy, and yet the bottom with all it's holes supports it just fine!  The top is kinda freaky... it reminds me of that painting of the stair cases that defy the laws of reality.... who was that artist?  Escher or something like that?  Well anyways, the architecture reminds me of that.  My friends and I love sharing and appreciating any images of art we find using various mediums.  Pumpkin carvings, driftwood, nails, sidewalk chalk art, paper sculpture, body painting... the list is endless.  If we were to come across your sculptures in a Google search, I guarantee they would have been quickly shared in our forum over there and in emails to each other.  Don't ever apologize for showing your work.  You may have seen them often and you may have even grown tired of seeing some of them, but the world at large has not.  Could you imagine if Picasso or Monet apologized for showing us the same art we've already seen?  Unthinkable!  And don't tell me you're no Picasso or Monet... nobody is.  But they were artists, and they most certainly would have held appreciation for all art as well, and would have been quite impressed with your ability to manipulate your own medium (beads) into such beautiful and creative pieces, and nobody will ever be you either.   Cool 

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on Oct 11, 2011 2:25 PM

Andrea your work is fantastic. I love all of it and I'd love to see more.


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Trishie33 wrote
on Oct 11, 2011 4:55 PM

Those are so cool!  And beautiful!  The octopus looks familiar but the others I've never seen before (I don't think).  Maybe you've posted the octopus in the gallery?  I was just watching something about deep sea life and saw the angler fish.  You captured that fishy terror perfectly!!!  Looking forward to more sculptures!!


Oh, I your avatar!


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on Oct 11, 2011 5:02 PM

Gorgeous sculptures Andrea,they are all very beautiful and the detail is fabulous! I love the "Home is Where the Heart is" sculpture the contrast of the red and white is gorgeous and the idea and implication of the piece is very creative. I'am just curious to how long each piece took you?

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on Oct 11, 2011 6:26 PM

Holy Moly....I ssoooo love that fish...they're all fabulous...but that fish...OMG i love it !

amazing work!


much love





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Tia Dalma wrote
on Oct 12, 2011 4:12 AM

Andrea I adore your sculpture work and I look forward to everything you have to share with us...Please don't apologize for posting photos that you have shared on another forum in the distant past! I love seeing these again and I love seeing your newer work as well!

And please don't think you are hogging the forum by posting photos! We LOVE it when everyone shares photos of their work! So by all means, post as many photos as you want!

I agree with everyone about the life and movement in the Blue Ringed Octopus! You can really see this little guy swimming along somewhere deep in the ocean! This is truly a labor of love!I am absolutely shocked that this would get turned down for Bead Dreams!! What are they thinking?!

The amount of detail and time that goes into these sculptures is awe inspiring! I would love to hear your stories about your creative process...I would never ask you to divulge your secrets of how you make your sculptures...but I would love to hear about your inspiration and your concept and what beads you choose (or do these things choose you?)...and how much time goes into a sculpture?

I always like to have at least one big project going on...It's those big ones that take months to complete that really inspire me and fulfill my obsessive nature! I usually work on my big project for a few hours a day, several days a week. But sometimes when you work on a big project like that your mind can wander...and a million ideas creep in and you just want to see something come to fruition!

So I always have several small things going on, things that can be completed in a few days or even a few hours...I will make a few bracelets or a necklace, or whatever...and the process of completing a project like this keeps me inspired to continue working on my large project.

So I guess I was just wondering how you you always have more than one thing going...or do you put everything into one piece until it is complete? I am not trying to pry into your personal space...I just love hearing about how other artists work and their creative process!

Anyways, please do conitnue to share your work with us! Happy Beading!


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